The video channel Brainy Dose compiles 10 typical signs of highly intelligence and what very intelligent people do differently. Intelligence is a trait that is often misunderstood. Many believe that intelligence is solely a matter of IQ, but your intelligence is much about the combination of how you think and behave.

  1. They practice self-reflection and self-improvement. Self-awareness is a typical characteristic. They are very aware of their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, both negative and positive, and the consequences of these.
  2. They are driven by their curiosity to understand themselves and the world. They want to learn everything possible and grow as individuals. They have a tendency to dig deep to find underlying causes of problems and phenomena. At the same time, they understand that nothing is static.
  3. They are good at listening before speaking. Others’ opinions are important to take in. They never try to prove their intelligence by dominating a conversation.

Read more at, 10 typical characteristics of highly intelligent people


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