Thank you for your invitation to the corona vaccination. Before I accept your offer, I would like to be informed about the following:

1. What is the basis of the invitation? How high is the risk of getting infected with corona?

2. How do you prove an infection?

3. If you are using a PCR test, to what extent is this PCR test suitable for detecting an infection. Please send me the scientifically based facts with references.

4. If I test positive with the PCR test, what is the probability that I will a) get corona, b) get seriously ill, c) die?

5. What vaccines do you inject?

6. Is it correct that the vaccines are only used on the basis of a provisional authorization?

7. Please name me for each of the vaccines you use:
a) the ingredients
b) the time it took to develop the vaccines
c) the expected, possible side effects
d) the current number of registered victims and deaths in connection with the vaccinations, broken down by age group and gender
e) What information do you have about the long-term damages of the vaccines?
8. How effective is the vaccination? How has each vaccine been shown to be effective?

9. How sure can I be that after the vaccination I will a) not be infected, b) not become ill, c) not die, d) not infect others?

10. Which freedoms do I get back with the vaccination?
– Can I go back to all activities without a mask or other restrictions?
– Can I gather with as many people as I want with other people who have been vaccinated?
– Am I no longer subject to contact and travel restrictions?

11. Who is responsible for any vaccination damage or death?

12. Which court is responsible for any lawsuits?

13. What is the amount of compensation a) in the event of vaccination damage, b) in the event of death, and what are the respective payment deadlines for compensation payments?

13 questions about the corona vaccination


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