Eckhart Tolle guests on Russell Brand’s podcast ’Stay Free’. Eckhart Tolle is one of the greatest spiritual role models of our time and has written the book ’The Power of Now’, in which he talks about how we can let go of the ego and the pain-body that drives people to act unconsciously.

In the program, Eckhart shows his appreciation for Russell Brand’s contribution to awakening the consciousness of the masses through his work with spirituality combined with the social criticism he presents. He emphasizes how comedy, laughter, and kindness create a good approach to conveying social criticism while continuing to keep our minds clear.

”You create a fantastic contribution to the awakening of consciousness. You don’t get angry or aggressive, you maintain consciousness while you question.”

According to Eckhart, the key is to keep oneself conscious at all times and not give in to anger and wrath. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall into similar patterns and consciousness as that which one wants to counteract. Eckhart also understands that the term ’conspiracy theorist’, which Russell is often labeled with, is actually a good sign and shows that he has an understanding that mass media and institutions use these terms to protect their own corruption.

”Mass media calls you a conspiracy theorist. That’s a good sign and people should listen to you. You must be doing something right if they call you a conspiracy theorist.”

Eckhart sees that we are entering a period of great trouble, where collective madness is rapidly increasing, and we are entering total mass psychosis. He also sees an opportunity in the upcoming crisis for the individual to break out of an egocentric consciousness. He describes two theories for how things have gotten as bad as they are today: Either it’s a grand conspiracy that has been planned for a long time, or everyone in decision-making positions is completely insane.

Personally, he is more open to the idea that it’s a collective madness causing these problems. Eckhart appreciates Russell’s direct criticism of the system but says at the same time that his role is not to point out specific problems in society, but rather to hold a conversation with those who are mad, like a psychologist with a client, and in this way have the opportunity to make them wake up and become conscious themselves.

Eckhart also sees that several global organizations are involved in this agenda, where various groups try to manipulate the masses, not because it is well thought out, but because they are confused and ignorant. He is also aware of ’The Great Reset’ and the madness around the handling of COVID-19, which he also describes as complete insanity.

”It is coming to an end. The ego is in the process of destroying itself. We will go through a ’Great Reset’, but not in the way that it has been planned by certain groups and organizations. They will all be surprised to find that it is a different type of reset than the one they may have planned.”

Seeing that Eckhart has the courage to talk about societal problems shows the potential we have for awakening. It only takes about ten major personalities to come out of the closet and show that they have woken up, then the house of cards will fall, and we will be able to recreate freedom. But before this happens, we all need to raise our consciousness and plow the ground for the new future.

See excerpts from the interview on Russell Brand’s podcast Stay Awake

”A Great Reset Will Happen…” Eckhart Tolle


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