A healthcare worker in the Swedish city Lund anonymously testifies that many residents in nursing homes and those receiving home care with nursing assistance have been prescribed medications in injectable form, including morphine, midazolam, and glycopyrronium. This has occurred during the so-called pandemic and to a significant extent, primarily for those who were not planned for palliative care.

These medications are intended for end-of-life care, i.e., palliative care. The drugs alleviate pain, suppress breathing, induce relaxation, and glycopyrronium ensures that the dying person does not produce unpleasant rattling and choking sounds. They are administered so that individuals can pass away in silence, and they receive these injections so that the staff is not inconvenienced by the distressing sounds of the euthanasia process, allowing death to occur in silence.

However, since several of these individuals were not planned for palliative care but still received these prescriptions systematically, and in some cases, in entire nursing homes, one can rightly question whether these medications were used/are used at the first signs of something that could be interpreted as COVID symptoms.

If that is the case, then doctors prescribing these medications are acting with the intent of euthanasia. Therefore, there is a concern about the planned and systematic euthanasia of people.

• What economic interests drive doctors to act in a Mengele-style?
• What agreements do healthcare centers have with the county councils?
• What is Region Skåne in Sweden trying to conceal?
• Why have healthcare personnel at the affected facilities been silenced by their supervisors?


A healthcare worker in Sweden testifies anonymously about the euthanization of the elderly


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