Trond Håland was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric clinic for criticizing the Norwegian COVID narrative on Facebook. John-Henry Westen, the editor-in-chief of Life Site News, interviewed Håland and his lawyer, Barbro Paulsen.

Trond Håland recounts that he woke up one morning to someone knocking on his door. When he opened it, he was met by two police officers and two doctors. They apprehended him, and he was initially placed in a psychiatric emergency ward for 24 hours.

He managed to film his internment, and his story went viral. He was subsequently moved to another part of the hospital, where he was subjected to psychiatric treatment for nine days, as reported by Westen.

”They didn’t read the posts”, Håland explains. ”They said [it was] conspiracy theories. But it’s a lot of statistics because I have some calculations, and I’ve looked into excess mortality”.

”My mission in this was to try to draw attention to this… statistics… showing that the vaccines are not safe”.

A Norwegian was admitted to a psychiatric ward after posting on Facebook against the Norwegian COVID narrative


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