En blurb (podcast) från den 22 Juni 2007 som heter ”Those Who Don’t Know History . . . are Doomed to Repeat It”. Den handlar om vikten av att känna till historia för att förstå varför vissa förändringar sker planmässigt i världen. Alan tar upp frågan om mexikaner som nu kommer till USA och varför småfolket slåss mot varandra istället för att förstå agendan och vem som ser till att det blir så. Läs ett kort segment ur programmet:

”I also have to say that I’m so sick of the patriot stations blaming the Mexicans for everything. That’s the new target group, the new scapegoat. The Mexicans are getting funded and pushed and promoted to come into the United States because it’s now time, it’s on schedule. The big foundations fund them to come in—the foundations based within the United States—because that was always the agenda, to merge the countries. There’s nothing new in it. It’s always the little people at the bottom, like the squirrel in my tree, if I go near that tree where he lives, he makes a chattering sound. Now we are seeing the people chattering, chattering because what they’ve become accustomed to is changing. However, the same thing happened when the people moved into the Americas. The Indians then did the chattering; and this is the wave after wave, the waves of history which are planned and manipulated; and guys like Rockefeller say, ”it’s a shame, you make an omelet and you can’t do it without breaking eggs.” All the upheaval as mass immigration occurs with cultural clashes, to him, it is the equivalent of making an omelet. These are the guys who are causing it, the guys in the big business suits. Not the little guy from Mexico or his wife or his child, but it’s always the
little people at the bottom that fight each other because they don’t know they’re living in ignorance of the cause of it all.

For me personally, I don’t take people as groups or cultures. I take them on an individual basis. I either like them or dislike an individual. That is the law of nature, not of the group.”

Alans Blurb den 22 Juni 2007 – mp3


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