The renowned cardiologist Peter McCullough suggests that the truth behind the so-called pandemic is much darker than many may think.

He claims there was, for some reason, a deliberate intent to harm people.

”Those who suppressed early treatment were part of this state narrative,” says McCullough in a speech at the Mises Institute. He believes this narrative was intentional, designed to create fear, suffering, hospitalizations, and death.

”Yes, governments intentionally wanted to harm their citizens all over the world at the same time. And this is really controversial. How can everyone think the same way at once?”

Doctors in the Netherlands have told him, he further explains as an example, that what they were essentially doing was akin to euthanasia for the elderly.

”Instead of treating COVID, they gave them lethal doses of morphine,” he says.

The doctor points out that people ”started to behave inexplicably bizarrely all over the world” during COVID.

View the full lecture here:

Doctor: Governments’ COVID Narrative Aimed to Harm and Kill


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