Apathetic, slightly depressed, easily gain weight, have a ”muffin top”, feel anxious and worried, experience mood swings, hot flashes, decreased sexual desire, or if you are a man, have developed ”man breasts”? Then you might be estrogen dominant.

Lack of estrogen is usually what women first think of when menopause is the topic. The term estrogen dominance came into focus only about 7-8 years ago, but many do not consider that they might have too much estrogen in their body when the classic menopausal symptoms arise.

In medical literature, estrogen deficiency has been blamed for menopausal problems in women for over 50 years, but today researchers believe it is something entirely different.

Women continue to produce estrogen after menopause, in adipose tissue and in the adrenal glands throughout life, and running out of this hormone is almost impossible. However, it is known that estrogen decreases abruptly when women enter menopause, but testosterone and progesterone also decrease, and they often decrease more – especially in obesity, where more testosterone is converted to estrogen. Thus, an imbalance occurs, that is, estrogen dominance.

In men, a belly that appears after the age of 40 is a warning sign that they are on their way to suffering from estrogen dominance. Researchers believe that this estrogen dominance strongly contributes to the development of benign enlarged prostate.

Superwomen are the worst affected
Doctors Roald Strand and Fedon Lindberg assert that both genders are exposed to too much estrogen, as levels of progesterone and testosterone decrease.

The ”superwomen” who run Birken or engage in full or half marathons often have a poor hormone balance. Almost without exception, these superwomen are in a state of estrogen dominance. The same applies to women who are under stress 24/7.

”Women who train hard or are under constant stress have few ovulations and pregnancies. This results in an underproduction of progesterone while the estrogen train keeps going at full speed. If the woman also uses birth control pills, eats a carbohydrate-rich diet, and transitions to other estrogen preparations when they reach menopause, then they are clearly in a state of estrogen dominance,” explains Strand.



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