It is TalkTV that, under the headline ”The Great Climate Hoax?”, has interviewed physicist Brian Catt, who clarifies that people do not need to panic about climate change.

”Just take it easy,” says Brian Catt.  – ”If you look at the Earth’s natural history, which has been unraveled since these climate myths were created by the UN, you can see that what is happening now is almost completely normal. The last 10,000 years are a warm period within an ice age cycle, which goes up and down by about one degree at the equator and two at the poles, every thousand years. And that is completely normal. The rate of increase is not abnormal; it’s about one degree per century.”

The ”models” that are claimed to show a climate crisis, and on which climate activists base their policies, are incorrect according to Catt. The models use incorrect premises and, therefore, provide incorrect outcomes.

”The assumptions they feed into their models are incorrect. Garbage in, garbage out. Among other things, they assume that there is no natural change. If the change they link to carbon dioxide is actually natural, there is no additional change.”, Expert: ”Climate Crisis” a Myth Created by the UN


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