False flag operations are typically described as orchestrated acts of terrorism carried out by governments or organizations to build support for an agenda that would normally face significant opposition among public opinion. They involve carrying out spectacular acts and attacks and then attributing blame to a group or country they want to demonize. The Nazis’ burning of the Reichstag building in Berlin with the help of a mentally unstable communist is often cited as a classic example. This event was used as a pretext to launch a witch hunt against communists.

Here, we will take a look at some of the most well-known false flag operations in history.


false flag

Vid ett möte mellan president Woodrow Wilsons närmaste rådgivare överste Edward Mandell House och Storbritanniens utrikesminister Lord Grey år 1915 diskuterades hur man skulle få med USA i första världskriget. Lord Grey: ”Vad skulle Amerika göra om tyskarna sänkte ett amerikanskt passagerarfartyg? Överste House: ”Då tror jag att det skulle flamma upp en ilska som skulle svepa över hela nationen, det skulle räcka för att ta oss in i kriget”. Tyskarna visste att amerikanerna planerade smuggla vapen till britterna via passagerarfartyg och att de kunde använda en attack som förevändning för att gå med i kriget, men ville inte gärna döda civila för att stoppa det. Tyskarna försökte istället sätta ut annonser i USA:s dagstidningar och varna amerikaner för att åka med atlantångaren Lusitania men endast en tidning i hela USA publicerade den. I maj 1915 så offrades 1200 personer sedan dåvarande marinministern Churchill gett en order att fartyget skulle sakta in varpå det sen avsiktligt dirigerades in längs farvatten där britterna visste att tyska ubåtar vistades varpå båten sänktes.


false flag

Despite promises in the 1940 election campaign to keep the United States out of the war, President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stimson secretly planned to involve the U.S. in the war. This has been substantiated by military historians and various sources. Contrary to the advice from his admirals, Roosevelt chose to move a significant naval force from the west coast to Pearl Harbor, which was a more vulnerable location. They had broken the Japanese code and were aware of what was coming, but to justify the U.S. entry into World War II, they sacrificed a large part of their fleet and thousands of innocent lives. Journalist, photographer, and author Robert B. Stinnett, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, has documented that the U.S. not only knew the attack was imminent, but they also provoked it, in part through blockades against the Japanese.


Gladio was an extensive operation initiated by British and American intelligence services in 1958 and continued until the mid-1970s. The operation consisted of secret guerrilla groups established across Europe and, after the end of the Cold War, they were to act as protectors against communist influence. The core of the plan involved various forms of terrorism against the civilian population, especially in Italy. Using different right-wing extremist organizations, a wave of attacks was carried out where hundreds of innocent people lost their lives, with the blame subsequently placed on communist terrorists. One of the major terrorist attacks took place at the Bologna train station, resulting in 85 deaths and more than 200 injuries. This operation is now well-documented.


false flag

Operation Northwoods was a plan created in 1962 by the U.S. Department of Defense to justify an invasion of Cuba. The plan detailed how they would kill Cuban citizens in the United States, create terror campaigns in several American cities, shoot down civilian planes, and sink American ships. The document also described how lists of casualties would be published in American newspapers to generate a helpful public sentiment. This plan was not just a hypothetical war scenario. It had been approved for execution by everyone except for Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. Only one signature was missing to initiate a series of terrorist attacks against the U.S. population. Fortunately, it was never carried out.


During the summer of 1964, South Vietnamese soldiers, under the command of American General Westmoreland, attacked some islands just off the coast of North Vietnam. On August 3, the U.S. announced that North Vietnamese gunboats had fired upon American warships off the coast. In 1993, official U.S. sources confirmed that the Gulf of Tonkin incident had been fabricated by the U.S. However, then-President Johnson and the elite had the pretext they needed to launch a full-scale military operation. Congress passed a resolution, without conducting a thorough investigation, that granted President Lyndon Johnson the authority to take all necessary measures to ”defend the United States.” The initial 20,000 military advisors were supplemented by combat troops, and a massive bombing campaign was initiated in the Vietnam War.

False Flag Operations Throughout History


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