The German economist and journalist Ernst Wolff is best known for criticizing the global financial system. Now, he has focused on highlighting what he believes is the hidden agenda behind the global COVID strategy. This article is a brief summary of an interview that lawyer Reiner Fuellmich conducted with Ernst Wolff on his podcast Corona Committee (Corona Ausschuss), along with some additional perspectives on Sweden.

In 1971, the German economist and engineer Klaus Schwab, then 32 years old, created the organization that later became the World Economic Forum, WEF. Initially, only people from the financial sector were included in the organization, but soon politicians, influential figures in the media, and celebrities were also invited.

WEF annually gathers in Davos, including some of the world’s richest individuals and the most influential politicians. Two of the world’s richest individuals who are part of WEF are Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. The latter is deeply involved in WHO and mass vaccination through his foundation GAVI.

In 1992, Schwab started a parallel institution, the education of young global leaders (the Global Leaders for Tomorrow school, renamed the Young Global Leaders in 2004). Some of those who underwent the first training in 1992 include Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, France’s former President Nicolas Sarkozy, and Britain’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Some other influential politicians who have undergone the training include France’s current President Emmanuel Macron, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Austria’s former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Swedes such as DN’s editor-in-chief Peter Wolodarski and our new Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson have close collaborations with WEF., For decades, the World Economic Forum has been educating the world’s power elite on lockdowns, mass vaccination, and a new global economy


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