Det står nu klart att franska myndigheter och regeringen visste att Paris skulle attackeras. Luke från rapporterar de otvetydiga fakta som nu finns kring detta.

1) German Police Intercepted Car With Eight AK-47s, Grenades, TNT, Paris Programmed Into Satnav
2) French and German Police Knew Paris Attack Was Coming a Month Prior
3) Iraq warned of ISIS attack one day before Paris, report reveals
4) French officials think as many as 20 plotters may be behind Paris attacks
5) Paris terror attacks: Obama defends Isis strategy as Hollande says ’France is at war’ – as it happened
6) Turkey told France twice about Bataclan bomber
7) 27-year-old ’mastermind’ of Paris attacks also linked to thwarted train attack
8) CONFIRMED: French Government Knew Extremists BEFORE Attack
9) Paris Attacks: Multi-site Exercise planned for morning of Nov 13, 2015
10) Questions for French security services after it emerges three major intelligence failures may have let the killers get through