In an interview with Sky News, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, who holds a Ph.D. in ecology, completely dismisses the so-called climate crisis. Moore has distanced himself from the established green movement because, according to him, it is no longer serious and engages in propaganda and fearmongering.

According to Moore, who has written the book ”Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom”, it’s essentially about a climate industry aimed at making money. He refers to the ”climate catastrophe” as something that is ”completely fabricated from the beginning”.

He goes on to say, ”Climate has always changed and will always change. Climate has been changing since the Earth was formed. It continues to change, and nothing happening in the global climate today is anywhere near out of the ordinary in this interglacial period called the Holocene that we are in now.”

He points out that the beginning of human civilization coincided with this interglacial period, and the temperature and weather during this time have sometimes been much more extreme than they are today. This is a relatively benign period for the modern era of climate and weather.

So what is climate alarmism really about? Money. And this is done by fabricating ”invisible” threats like carbon dioxide, which no one can see, and whose consequences are claimed to be in the future, making them hard for people to perceive.

This is perfect if you want to scare people. To control the narrative, social media is manipulated through censorship and biased ”fact-checkers.” According to Moore, the fact-checkers from tech giants are ”poseurs” lacking deep expertise and don’t know what they’re talking about.

”Observation and verification of that observation are the basis of science”, he says. But the public cannot verify what climate alarmists claim.

”So, they rely on activists, media, politicians, and researchers who depend on government grants”, Patrick Moore explains further. All these individuals make their living from this. It’s about billions of dollars. They want us to believe in their scare stories. Because if it weren’t frightening, it wouldn’t make headlines, be the big topic of discussion, or generate ’Green New Deals,’ wind power, and solar energy parks that fail and cause blackouts worldwide. When it comes to renewable energy, it’s about trillions of dollars.

According to Patrick Moore, wind and solar power rely entirely on compulsion and government subsidies.

Climate alarmists also claim that the number of polar bears is decreasing due to climate change. This is ”absolutely false,” according to Moore. Instead, their numbers began to decline in the 1970s due to extensive hunting. Polar bears were saved by an international agreement that restricted hunting. But almost no one knows about this agreement, Moore says, because the media and those in power don’t want people to know the truth.

”Polar bears are a conservation success story,” he says. ”One of the best in the last century. The number of polar bears has quadrupled, from about 8,000 to 38,000. They are now so numerous that they have become a danger to local populations”, he further points out.

Patrick Moore is, however, optimistic. He believes that climate alarmism will become so extreme that the pendulum will swing back. People will be forced to realize what is truly happening and understand that the climate movement is deceiving them.

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore: The ’climate crisis’ is a complete fabrication


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