In an interview with the Chinese CGTN, WEF (World Economic Forum) chief Klaus Schwab, among other things, states that he wants to create a base of relevant individuals to build a new world.

He asserts that the global system must be based on certain perceptions and principles, such as ”climate change” and nature.

”But we have to go a step further. We must have a strategic mindset. We must construct the world of tomorrow. It is about a systematic transformation of the world. We must define how the world should look, what we want to come out of this transformation.”

Schwab disagrees with the idea that globalism is dead and that the world is currently undergoing a process of deglobalization.

Klaus Schwab: Eye on global governance, Klaus Schwab wants to ”construct” the future and ”educate the population”


  1. Fuk you Klaus, your day’s are numbered, nobody cares about what you say and nobody believes anything that you say, you are done, enjoy the rest of your life ☠️


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