Why do the so-called mRNA vaccines cause a plethora of side effects? The former chief scientist at Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, has an explanation. It’s because the substance can spread throughout the entire body and produce something foreign in the cells, triggering an autoimmune reaction. The body perceives a threat and launches an attack. For example, if the substance accumulates in the ovaries, the immune system destroys the egg cells.

How is it that the so-called COVID vaccine can cause so many different and severe side effects? The former chief scientist at Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, believes he has an explanation, as he points out in an interview with Infowars.

mRNA vaccines code for something that doesn’t belong in the body, causing an autoimmune reaction. The spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 is a foreign, toxic protein that the ”vaccine” prompts the body to mass-produce.

Here’s how mRNA vaccines are explained on the KI (Karolinska Institutet) website: ”The idea behind mRNA vaccines is to smuggle blueprints for virus proteins into our cells in the form of mRNA molecules. The cells can then temporarily produce the virus protein, which in turn triggers an immune response.”

”When a person is injected with a product that contains mRNA coding for something that doesn’t belong in your body, it will trigger an autoimmune response,” says Michael Yeadon.

”No one else has pointed this out. Have you noticed the extensive range of side effects from these mRNA vaccines? Heart muscle inflammation, neurological diseases, blood clots in the brain, and so on. I think I know why. When you’re injected with this substance, it doesn’t distribute evenly in the body,” he continues. ”It’s a clumpy distribution. Wherever it lands in your body, whether it’s in your heart, the blood vessels in your brain, or your legs, your immune system will react and destroy that tissue. Maybe cell by cell, you don’t die on day one. That’s why people progressively get worse and are constantly ill.”

If this happens, for example, in the heart, you get heart muscle inflammation. If it happens in the brain, you can get one of many different severe neurological conditions, he further explains.

”If it lands in the eye, you can lose your vision, which has happened to two people I know,” says Yeadon. ”If it ends up in the ovaries: infertility. Your immune system will destroy the egg cells in your ovaries. If it lands in a pregnant uterus: stillbirth or premature birth. This explains all the effects and the wide variety of side effects. But it’s ignored, even though it’s easy to see. Honest public health officials all over the world can see that what I’m saying is true, but they just keep lying, lying, and lying.”

According to Yeadon, everything said about COVID-19 is a lie. The virus is not as dangerous as the media and those in power made it out to be. However, they wanted people to obey and follow orders through the media.

swebbtv.se, Michael Yeadon: Why the vaccine causes so many side effects


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