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Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

jag posterar den här igen, visar hur man missleder info, 2 minuter.


Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:51

Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

Den här är intressant, bara 2 minuter om ni har tid:


Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:48

Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

är du säker på att saninng är sanning?
Sanningen är något som mäts av det mänskliga och eftersom våran upplevelse är begränsad i oss själva så kan man undra vad det är för sanning? är det en sanning? Finns det i bakgrunden en enda synvinkel?

Jag börjar undra över de här och det betyder också att allting alltid kan ifrågasättas, alltså som steffo säger är det svårt att vakna.

Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:37

Re: Regler

Ja som jag ser det blir "senaste inläggen" mer av en chat än ett forum, kategorier blir mera fokuserat och man hänger mer där varvid man har ett intresse.

Micro, det är nog viktigt om du kommer in här och beskriver mer vad du vill ha ut av ditt forum, utforma reglerna mer och ge din synvinkel.

Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:32

Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

Det som är farligt som jag kommit fram till är att man formas av det man läser, man blir det man läser och man ser bara sanningen från en synvinkel.
Sanningen är aldrig där man tror att den är. Och Sanningen blir bara till det du vill att det ska vara.
Så om man har följt "icke" tex så kanske det inte finns någong reptilian race, och om det inte finns någon reptilian race vad finns det istället? Allt som man tror är sant är det man väljer att tro på, mkt illusion runt omkring oss eller hur?

Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:23

Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

Finns mer till det här så säg till så posterar jag resten.

Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:19

Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

/ok jag posterar insider info som jag fick tag i, ganska mycket så säg till om ni vill att jag ska deleta.

Statement Insider:

I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question


and I will answer them in short.

Because I can.

What´s an "Elite Family"?

That´s how most are calling it.
Families who for a long time have been ruling the people who are not from these bloodlines.

what´s your thoughts on "peak oil"

It is known within certain circles that it is manufactured.
The Earth is producing more oil/gas than is being used now even believe it or not, it is a natural process "the more you take, the more it produces to balance itself".
Study the bees and the way they produce honey and you will understand.

On top of that there are many places with large amounts of natural resources which never have been touched.

The agenda?
I think you know.

what commonalities do the bloodlines share?

and have you ever fucked a child?

Understand that "bloodlines" have been chosen to rule, it didn´t just appear out of air.
The souls which incarnate into these bloodlines who rule are picked by Divine Law.
Other things don´t have to be mentioned.

The second question shows you read to much Icke who is a tool that is being used.
But to answer, no.

Sorry, OP. No one rules me...never has!

A little old saying:
The perfect slave is the one that says "I am not a slave".
It is like an alcoholic saying he isn´t an alcoholic so therefor he will always be an alcoholic.
Get my drift?


Where do you elites store your mentally ill relatives caused by centuries of inbreeding?

It is a myth that inbreeding always causes problems.
If the 2 persons who procreate carry genes which are of better quality than the rest....

why have you allowed us to breed like rats if population is what you feel threatens you?

1. We haven´t allowed that, you have more power than you think you have.
2. Population does not threaten "us" in any way, shape or form....again a myth.

Q by the forum owner:
I am curious what a member of an ´elite family´ thinks of GLP.

So what do you think?

The more divided people are, the easier it is to rule over them.
Making them believe they have a sword in their hand which they think makes them powerful and able to fight "the dark sider" while it is just a toothpick.
You have to be very careful who you give that imaginary sword to, Trinity.

Do you know that not just spoken words but also written words emanate a frequency which have a direct effect?
And I would say that a vast majority of the written words here are not helping the cause you think you are fighting for.

What is your religious affiliation?

Religion is created by "us".
The religions which rule now are the ones that are under total control.
I can´t give out to much about this but Christianity/Judaism/Islam/Buddhism are a bit off, let´s say.
There is a core of truth, but it is drowning in a sea of perversions....for you to pick out, good luck.

What we believe in does not matter but it is about serving the Divine Law which was passed onto us.

How about the world economy?

One thing conspiracy theorists are right about is that it is based on money that doesn´t exist, never existed, never will.

The ones who own the banks also own the media and politics, so it can be portrayed the way they want you to believe it.

When will the wheat be separated from the chaff?

Or do you want to get rid of the wheat and leave
the chaff for your slaves?

Whichever, when will it happen?
(tired of false dates,
please be honest this time)

I know 100% sure there is no end time, at least not like it is being portrayed everywhere, be it religion, media, etc.

This place was never meant to end the way it is being described.
There will be a time when everyone will be released but that is not a mass event, but rather 1 by on yourself.

I´m curious to know why the Elite do not lead? They seem to be more of a parasite on society.

A fish in the ocean can´t see that birds are flying in the sky.

Have you or any of your family members ever participated in an occult ritual and, if yes, what was the nature of it?

Rituals have a meaning which cannot be understood by most.
Rituals are there to connect with the higher beings who govern this realm.
We are doing our job.

well I´d have to say your divine law has fucked up this planet and its people very well!

Peasants like you don´t understand that you do it, nobody else.
Btw, by what you just said you lenghtened your stay here on Earth one more condolences.

Do you frequent the Bohemian Grove and fully participate... in cremation of care.. sacrifice to
Molech ... screwing the male homosexual prostitutes... orgies ... etc..

Those and other similar places are for the politicians and media people, they are obligated.
Sometimes a bloodline will be present but will not participate in those acts which are not the rituals we do.

Comment from Insider:
Accidental Stoner

Those were many questions....
Most I would answer yes, some no.

Don´t believe all that "gurus" tell about us and you will do fine.

do you consider the prevalence/success of organised crime families and syndicates as a massive failure of your colle3ctive will?

They are there for a reason.
They aren´t as succesful as they look though, they are broken.

Why do you continue to attempt to control mass consciousness by by spreading fear though every outlet available to you.

Why not set the knowledge free as was intended long ago, the written word is spreading the wings of truth.

The sword has been given to the sheep, and the day of reconing is soon at hand. I believe in no law of divinity or hierarchy, we are all equal unto th eyes of the creator and for that must you answer in your time.

The meek are inheriting the Earth presently, I pray for you.

If that was the aim, it would be done in an instant.
You do not understand what this world we live in really is.

I have no questions. I do however have a statement.

The time of reckoning is at hand.

It is not.

it goes..the best slave is one who thinks he is free.

13..ultimately it is all a matter of genes, n´est ce pas?

do you understand self-cloning?

do you agree that the planet is replete with false allies and false enemies?

That´s not how it originaly goes....about the slave.
If you read carefuly you will see.

Last question has a yes as an answer, there are also no real allies or enemies.

Op IF you are indeed who & what you say you are, then you will know that you and your ilk are in big trouble...

Your time is short and those you belong to,
who are in our space quadrant as we speak, already know it! I imagine they are a tad busy right at this moment.

But of course you must keep up appearances even when you know you fight a losing battle.

Personally I will be very happy to see the day... and it is coming, sooner than you think

There is no end of time.
A long time ago, the people did ALMOST manage to take over, and then bad things happened on earth to those people....what are you seeing now?

Are you really living on the planet you think you are?

The "higher beings who govern this realm", do you serve them? By what names do you call them? Have you ever seen them? Where do they reside?

They penetrate everything and they are benevolent.

dang insider you skipped my question about what really hit the pentagon....does that mean you aren´t going to answer it?

Does it matter what hit it?

Too much question dodging

I did not sign a contract which says I have to answer everything.
Some questions do not need an answer and others do not mean a thing eventhough you think it does.

I will be back tomorrow.


Statement by Insider:
How strange that some of you who talk about love, light and peace are the ones who 2 sentences later cuss and talk about murdering others, smirking about it being soon..

Are you sure you are on the "good" side?
And who is Natascha?

For the ones who are a bit smarter than that, ask away, I will answer the way I choose to.
Before you ask the question, force yourself to think outside the box that was created for you by others...ask a real question that you thought about, formulate it in detail.

For the others, if you could leave out cussing, hate, bigotry and prejudice (which is based on your gurus´ amazing wisdom), it would show you are a bit more evolved from the peasant stage.

I will not answer all questions, sometimes because it is obvious if you think about it or parts of it have been answered, other times because I do not have the obligation to do so.

so is bill gates more elite than you?
how about queen elizabeth?
are you an arab?
can´t you control the oil instead of the arabs?

The ones you know the names of are not true bloodlines like you have been taught by theorists. They are not the ones who write the symphony, neither conduct it.
The ones you mentioned and other known names merely play the violin or cello when they are told to, the way they are told to.

It does not matter what race I am, has no effect on anything.

Oil is already under full control like all natural resources.

Why does visualization work?

It does not work for everybody, you have to reach a certain stage in your development.
This means living by strict rules, applying them to everything you do in life, in detail.
Most humans do not have the discipline nor temparence to achieve that stage.
Some here talk like they can, but I know even without knowing anything about their lives that they are further away from it than they think.

"Visualisation" works because it is an essential way of the creational process in this material universe.
The Universe is a living entity who uses it´s Mind to create and the beings created from that may have that same power to within their boundaries.

Now the question is, who is using Icke?

and better question... Why?

Icke has a core of truth he is trying to pass.
What he does not realise is that this actually works against him.
The reptilian part was fed him by the ones who work for the bloodlines.
In a period of 7, 8 months he was bombarded with "victims" who witnessed shape-shifting, satanic rituals, etc. in such a way he could not refuse to not believe it.
Sometimes the "witnesses" were lead to him a few times a day, depending on his location.
Others like Icke (and there are more than you think) have been fed similar stories.

Really, I am not reptilian.

The answer why does not have to be answered.

Hello Insider!

Are you part of the Divine Brotherhood? Are you ME? Are you he who manipulates the Matrix? Enquiring minds want to know, cuz I´m thoroughly confused. You say we despise you, but I could not imagine despising any Being from the Devine Realms! Then you act like your part of the "elite bloodline" on Earth, but what would bloodlines have to do with the Spiritual world? Again...I´m confused. Could you clarify? Just what IS the Elite of whom you say we despise, and yet who apparently has all the "inside scoop"??



You are confused for you have accepted the other versions of the "truth" and you think you have a sight of the big picture, but what I say dismisses huge parts of it.

There is a misconception about bloodlines....obviously, the questions that are being asked here prove that.
But there is a reason for that, and it serves an important purpose.

We manipulate this world only as far as we are allowed to by the Divine Law.
We provide you with tools and then it us up to you to determine how you use it.
Tools can be used in a maliscious way but noone is forcing you to use them that are choosing yourself.
So despising the ones who provide you with the tool that you voluntarily chose to "sin" with is about you trying to camouflage your tracks.

You get what you deserve, that is how this universe works.
We do our duty, so do yours.

There is a very old saying...unrecorded in open history--"the devil doesn´t know he´s the devil...he thinks he´s God."

It actually states that humans who worship the "bad" think they worship the "good".

"You do not understand what this world we live in really is."

Care to elaborate on this statement...?

Further Considerations

Only if you formulate the question and understand that certain questions need to be answered by yourself only not others, otherwise they have no purpose.

Hey 13 --

I´m not coming back to your planet next time.

Smoke on that.

What gave you the impression that when that time comes, you have a say in that?

What is the reason that your people came to this planet?

Almost the same reason you came.

Now, what "elite" family does anyone know well enough to "despise"?

Dubya, is that you?

To clear this up once and for all....the Bushs are not fact, they are your kind who wanted to be worshipped by your kind.

I will sum it up again in short, the ones that have known faces/names are not directly bloodline.
They are not the composers/conductors, they just play the flute the way they are told to.

Bushs, Clintons, Sharons, Arafats, Hitlers, Dalai Lamas, Mandelas, Blairs, Gores, Chavezs, Ghandis, Kennedys, Lennons, Dylans, Einsteins, Michaelangelos, Popes, Ceasars, Aristotles, Herodotus, Akhenatons.

They all play/played their part the way they are/were told to.

These people who love recognition and praise of your kind would not be allowed to be in the same room with some people I am related to.

Q by forum owner:


Rather than give them a sword (or a toothpick), I give them a canvas and a pen.

The words as you say have vibration and effect.

And though yes many that are written here are contrary to the ONE, some ring true.

It is those few, that matter most.

I was recently asked by a friend of mine,

"what do you do when you have mastered the game?"

This seems like a question that would apply to one in your situation as well.

My answer was, "save as many as you can".

I am curious to know, What is yours?

If it has an immediate effect it is not a canvas and a pen anymore but a imaginary one but nonetheless a sword.
And it is not working the way you think it does.

You say most are contrary to the One and that is true, in fact almost all is contrary.
But you say because of the few that ring "true" it is worth it.
You cannot have 2 contrary essences at the same time/place eventhough they may have the same spring.
Which means one of the 2 is not present I have to tell you which one that is?

About mastering the game.
How does one know they have mastered it?
Does someone else tell them?
See, if the "master" is not really a master yet he acts like one it will mean he will make errors.
He will have flawed thoughts and act accordingly.
People will start listening to him and adopt the flawed opinions and way of living.....eventually he will do more harm than 1 bloodline actually has the power to do personally.
Hence why "leaders" have been created for you who "have mastered their game".
Jesus of Nazareth is a nice example.
He was created, this human has many worshippers and they have murdered in his name and still do (Bush).
Jesus of Nazareth was not a master of the game, he was a puppet being used in the game and he still is serving the agenda among you.
So you might think you are saving as many as you can like him but are you really?

How would I answer the question "what do you do when you have mastered the game?"


Is Earth a prison?

Yes and even worse.
The ones who believe the contrary will never escape.

Why, oh why would an alleged member of an "elite family" waste one minute minute of their time, or give credence to the cespool that is GLP?

Bloodlines are not robots who all act the same.
You are confusing the ones who you think control you with others.

Now on the population reduction... We have a few brewing like AIDS... however, it has been my feeling that the "release" of a bio, will be in a timely fashion cloaked in chaos from another event. What say you on that?

There is no plan to reduce the population, that is fully in the hands of the people.
However certain events have been seen as just that while they are serving another purpose....a misconception.
Just because it comes across like population reduction does not mean it is exactly that.

Really, if the goal was population reduction, it would have been done a long time ago in a span of a few weeks.
In fact the opposite is more true in most areas on this planet.

What you said could happen but it would be done by the ones who control the lower areas.
The ones up higher do it through the daily items you consume.

Was Yahweh an extraterrestrial negative entity? Or was he a fiction invented by the Jewish fantasy factory during the time the Greeks ruled Palestine?

If the name of an entity is public, it means it is fabricated.
Yahweh used to represent an age where mass-control was taking shape.

Ah, so Mormons are the only ones who are barking up the right tree. Authority and all that.


1). Don´t you get sick and tired of the lack of real quality in the Music and the Movies?

With your power/money/influence why do you not prime the pump with some really good stuff?

2). What are the three things that have you concerned about most regarding the upsetting of the applecart? [Things that are beyond the direct control of the PTB that you are scrambling to prepare against]

3). Who owns and runs the show on planet earth? Please list the major player groups who actually answer to each successive level beginning from the top down. Descriptions are fine if you don´t want to divulge names. Is it like a pyramid, or is it a number of factions vying for power/control?

4). What is the real story on the greys and are they still major players currently?

5). What do you fear the most?

6). What is the real story you haven´t told us because we haven´t asked yet??

1. The ones who search hard will find the gems in Music, in fact they are out in the open.
It is not our duty to enlighten you, that is yours.
We hand out the tools that can be used in the way you choose to, "good or bad".

2. Nothing to do with us but with the puppets.

3. The shape of a Pyramid yes, but people forgot the underground chamber.
The Top of the Pyramid is not the top.

5. Fear is based on physical impulses, the physical is not important.

My full-blood Italian maternal lineage traces back to King Charles I (Charlemange) but by name, Count Dotto Dotti who was the captain of the archers for Prince Phillipe (King Charles IV) and who was part of the coup to secure the ´secret´ from the Merovingians and the Knights Templar. I won´t discuss the secret, which I am sure of, but I don´t understand why you operate in the fashion that you do and I operate in the fashion that I do then as a result. This does not mean that I am of any particular bloodline that is part of the ultimate that you speak of, but my life is far more progressive than anyone that I know scientifically and professionally regardless of the economy (change thereof coming shortly). And I do see the ´illusion´ all around me.

Explain this please.

I have explained it a bit.
Your lineage is not what you think it is.
Charlemagne (like other "kings") merely played the flute, like his descendants do now in politics especially.

However if there are traces of the lineage within you (and this goes deeper than just blood and genes as you know) then obviously you will understand your surrounding better than others.
There are people who are directy linked and they will act differently.

Do you think Insider that

This current battle is in two stages. Now, on the etheric. And, a thousand years from now, on the astral, once all the HEart people have dropped their physical bodies and HAVE GRADUATED TO HIGHER LIFE FORMS, THE NEXT BEING THE ASTRAL. Then,

The whole show starts all over again, with different players.

You are confusing a few matters.

There is just 1 struggle and it is now, here on this planet and on a personal level....meaning you only.
There is no enemy you can attack except yourself.
If you are busy attacking something else, you are wasting precious energy and you will fail.

If you succeed, there will be no struggle anymore.

Dear Insider,

You state that we have the tools to work with. Can you tell us some of them, something to work with so we may free ourselves?

You agree that we are on a prison planet. I thought more like a Zoo, where we are being observed and studied. But if we are on a prison planet, than I must understand that we truly have no free will. Correct?

Thank you


The tools are in your hands, around you, is even being drawn out of you.
It is your duty towards yourself to reveal them to yourself and then do as you please with them....there is always a consequence.

Prisoners still can determine what they do in their prison with the tools that were provided to them, they can decide how to walk in the yard, how to talk, think...
You have free will therefore you suffer and are aware of your suffering.

Dear Insider,

Thank you for answering my first two questions and your time.
I should have asked this question with the first two, but alas I do now. Why give me tools to escape a prison? Sounds counter productive to what a prison is for.

I have known that the PTB are puppets moved around by hands that we cannot see, nor may ever see, but why make them look and act (seemingly) stupid or at the least illogical? Are you wanting a revolution?

What you are saying is that the war is within - not without - though TPTB seem to want us to think it is without - why distract us? What is it that they don´t want us to accomplish? Freedom?

And yes, I am reminded everyday of my suffering.


We are neutral and doing our duty which many times comes across as being negative.
If you observe closely you will see we merely spreading the tools which can be used by you to free yourself or chain yourself, your choice.

The Divine Law has a purpose for you and it is not on this planet.
Prove you are worthy again to be released.

The distraction is part of that.
It is about knowing who is and who is not.
The ones who support any of these known faces are failing.

It sounds like you are cautioning Trinity against giving full reign to freedom of speech? Is thi correct?

He may do as he pleases and accept the consequences in the bigger picture.

What is your interpretation of the Divine Law and how can I make peace with myself?

Knowing yourself and where you really are, are the 2 most important issues that you should be involved with.
It is your task to find out.
In fact, if someone gave you the correct answers, it would not mean a thing to you for they would not be attached to you in a way they would if you would have found them yourself.

If you find the answers to those, you have accomplished a huge part of your duty towards yourself.
After that your task would be living according to the Divine Law which is revealed to you after that stage untill departure.

I may be back tomorrow, maybe Tuesday.

Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:17

Re: Regler

Men tror ni inte att det skulle funka utan "Senaste inläggen" om det var färre kategorier? typ 5 kategorier?

Posted on: 2007/11/17 20:00

Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

jag forskar inte så mkt i 9/11 längre men jag får ändå inte ihop det där med fejkade plan i media 9/11 och sedan att man skulle behöva använda sig utav blue beam, media kontrollen som man har räcker egentligen.
Helt klart är 9/11 en mind destraction och genialisk också.

hoppas få ta del av din strategi någon gång.

Posted on: 2007/11/17 19:55

Re: Regler

Jag ska inte röra någonting ger bara lite tips här ur min synvinkel på hur jag ser det, inte mycket mer med det. Som sagt det är micros forum och han gör hur han vill.

Posted on: 2007/11/17 19:43

Re: Regler

Jag ska inte svara för andra här men jag tror inte nyckelordet här är censur utan det är mer att försöka hålla lite allmän ordning.
/Personangrepp i sig gör ju att man fortsätter att irritera sig på varann, det blir inte bättre med tiden utan skapar en ge igen retorik, det är var jag ser händer här....
Sen är det klart, hjälper det sakfrågan i sig hur mycket man än säger till den andra personen hur han är eller vem han är (med fokusering på negativa egenskaper)?
Alltså håller man inte med i ett ämne så är man genast en oliktänkande som måste matas till vargarna.


Posted on: 2007/11/17 19:20

Re: psyop: next in pipeline: invasion by aliens: project blubeam, around the corner

Sanningen är svårare och svårare att nå. Jag läste ett script från en av de med makten bakom, två år gammalt dokument.
Toppen av pyramiden är inte toppen. Om man förstår lite grann hur de här hemliga organisationerna fungerar så blir det allt mer illusionerat, enligt honom så var även "David icke" styrd. De skickade en massa vittnen till honom som vittnade om reptilian och liknande och enligt källan så måste han "icke" börja tro på det om det är tillräckligt många som vittnar om reptilian race.
Blue Beam behöver de egentligen inte ha har jag kommit fram till.
Eftersom de äger media så kan man manipulera äver en ny gudsbild genom media, tror inte man behöver 3d projektionerna?
"Steffo", jag hoppas att du har forskat mer om missiler och fake planen wtc? du ser behövs inte blue beam där, de flesta såg ju inte ens vad det var som flög in i wtc även de på plats, de fick det förklarat för sig via tv.

Konstigt med ufo diskussionerna på senaste även på cnn, litar inte riktigt på disclosure project, gör ni det?

Posted on: 2007/11/17 19:10

Re: Regler

återigen personangrepp ovanför.

Engagemang är bra och utgör ju grunden för ett livligt forum men vissa regler måste det ju finnas annars blir det ju anarki.
Också komiskt med personer som härinne i tråden börjar gorma och skrika om censur härinne, censur startar ju dem själva med när de person -angriper någon. Detta gör man ju för att få övertag, tysta ner någon, ä inte det också censur?


Posted on: 2007/11/17 18:57

Re: Regler

22 kategorier är det för tillfället, hur många av er är det som surfar någon av kategorierna? Jag tror de flesta bara surfar senaste inläggen och går in på en kategori när man ska postera.


Posted on: 2007/11/17 18:25

Re: Regler

Fast med färre kategorier så skulle det inte bli lika svårt att följa. Jag tror att senaste inläggen är problemet med hur forumet funkar just nu, några personer som söker uppmärksamhet och posterar för diskussionens skull, med "Senaste inläggen" kvar så är ni också tillbaka till samma personangrepp igen.
Nåväl ni gör hur ni vill....


Posted on: 2007/11/17 18:20

Re: Regler

komiskt hur en del även i den här tråden går till personangrepp för att få sin vilja fram.
Man kanske borde fråga sig själv varför man går till personangrepp och vad det har med yttrandefrihet att göra. Otroligt hur många chanser "micro" har gett en del här, andra forum jag följer bannar man folk till höger och vänster och i en del av dem har man till och med autobanning.

Det finns en lösning för att få mer ordning på forumet och jag har ganska lång erfarenhet av forum, har följt det här forumet sen början så lite saker snappar man upp här och där.

Här är några tips till för att få mer ordning:

*Färre sektioner, alltså kategorier - högst 5 tycker jag
*varje kategori borde ha en "moderator"
*skippa "senaste inläggen" - skapar bara confusion och panik att följa varje tråd.
*skapa en "faq" någonstans i forumet som besvarar hur alla funktioner fungerar ( tog mig ett bra tag innan jag fattade quote funktionen )
*man kanske borde fundera på vilket som är main, siten eller forumet? - kanske mer att utveckla om den saken så fråga mig om det.

Finns säkert fler saker att tänka på?
Jag skulle kunna hjälpa till med det här om ni vill men jag har bara internet en månad till ungefär sen är jag out of here, men jag ställer gärna upp om det kan bli ett mera smooth forum.

Posted on: 2007/11/17 16:49

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