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Re: Bill Clinton & 9/11

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Strong skrev:

det är rätt ointressant vad han säger. kroppen
ansiktsutryck mm säger allt.
en normal reaktion hade ju varit följande, (nu säger vi ju att det verkligen var terrorister och INTE några sprängladdningar i tornen mm) den normala reaktionen är ju då.....
han hade ju blivit ledsen som politiker...sagt att lungt och fint
att han ber om ursäkt till alla anhöriga osv....
han hade ju vädjat till killen som skriker att visa respekt...
förstår du?

istället koncentrerar han sig på att fördöma these 9/11 inside
people...han smilar samtidigt... för mig som ser att han ljuger
är det avskyvärt.


Jag håller med dig fullständigt strong, det var därför jag postade det här, man ser igenom lögnen som en x-ray och visst är Clintons reaktionen onaturlig som sjutton, det vill säga för de av oss som inte köpt 19 grottmän konspirationen!

Posted on: 2008/2/23 19:46

Bill Clinton & 9/11

Posted on: 2008/2/8 17:54


Dont take this movie seriously, its only fiction...yeah right!

"After watching this movie I just wanted to go out and kill Persians."

"You gave them fuckin Persians a good ass kicking!!"

"this movie was too freaking great! i wanted to go out and find some freaking persians afterwards so i could kick their ass!"

"now i whant to be a spartan warrior my king. fighting for freedom is allways worth dieing for. power to all who fight for our freedom."

Posted on: 2007/4/2 20:36


Am I the only one that finds the whole timing of these issues a bit fishy?

Keep this in mind: "Problem, reaction, solution" and "ORDO AB CHAO"!

First they release the movie "300", a propaganda master piece aiming to dehumanize persians, attacking the only thing that is respected or even holy to all iranians throughout the world, our ancient past, culture and history. The movie also creates a great feeling of "we vs them". Ladies and gentlemen, we have a "PROBLEM"!

At the same time brittain goes out fishing in the persian gulf. The brittish fishermen uses a small boat and its crew as bait and the big evil fish, remote controlled since its creation swallows it. The crew are detained and shortly after we see a few paid thugs that looks just like those barbaric dirty persians presented to the world in "300" on world news trying to attack the brittish embassy and asking for the heads of the detainees. More "PROBLEMS" and more "REACTIONS" are building up!

People who have watched the movie and the world news are either ready to go out and slaughter persians or support a war as they all have a very negative image of persians (iranians) fresh in theire subconscious as people connects "real" events with "fiction". Iranians around the world on the other hand has never felt this demoralized. Iranians feel that theire very existence is so threatened that they are ready to accept another form of dictatorship in order to stay alive as a nation. "CHAO"!

Once this created mess starts to get out of control, "N.W.O" will have reached theire goal and aim that they where after in the first place, long begore the start of these events, and they will present theire agenda as the "SOLUTION" to the "REACTIONS and PROBLEMS". "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS"!

Either they will install another puppet regime when the iranians are in a desperate stage or (unlikely) they will prolong the life of this one through war, depending on what "solution" they where after in the first place. When you control the enemy (I.R) and the media, you also control the outcome of the events, hence they will succeed with theire pre-planned "SOLUTION"!

Personally I believe that they (N.W.O) might be looking for another "bridge of victory" to write in the history books. It wont surprise me if I.R´s days as the created "enemy" are over. It wont surprise me either that they are looking forward to install a more humane rule over Iran just to win support at home and abroad and claim that the "war on terror" has been a success.

With I.R gone, many problems will be solved (the nuclear issue, Israel-Palestine, Iraq, hizbollah, the tyranny of I.R over the iranian people etc), positive propaganda about our past will resurface to help heal the wounds, the brittish will even release theire most expensive movie production ever "Cyrus the great" and everyone will be happy...for a while!

Posted on: 2007/4/2 19:48

Re: CBS 60 minutes intervju med Irans president

buran, var inte så naiv. Självklart så avslöjar han inte sina dåliga intentioner framför kameran. Islamiska republiken (AKA Sataniska Republiken) livnär sig på krig och blod...installerade av NWO. Ahmedinejad är dock bara en hund som svarar under herren Khamanei, huvudet, the emperor of evil som i sin tur lyder under the Illuminati!

Jag bifogar en intressant artikel, lägg märke till alla organisationer som var bakom störtandet av shahen samt bakom installationen av "Sataniska Republiken"...alla är kända Illuminati organisationer!


What Really Happed to the Shah of Iran
By Ernst Schroeder

My name is Ernst Schroeder, and since I have some Iranian friends from school and review your online magazine occasionally, I thought I'd pass on the following three page quote from a book I read a few months ago entitled, "A Century Of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order", which was written by William Engdahl, a German historianm . This is a book about how oil and politics have been intertwined for the past 100 years.

I submit the below passage for direct publishing on your website, as I think the quote will prove to be significant for anyone of Persian descent.

"In November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group's George Ball, another member of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran task force under the National Security Council's Brzezinski. Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalistic Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini. Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead 'case officers' in the new CIA-led coup against the man their covert actions had placed into power 25 years earlier.

Their scheme was based on a detailed study of the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, as presented by British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis, then on assignment at Princeton University in the United States. Lewis's scheme, which was unveiled at the May 1979 Bilderberg meeting in Austria, endorsed the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, in order to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines. Lewis argued that the West should encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese Maronites, Ethiopian Copts, Azerbaijani Turks, and so forth. The chaos would spread in what he termed an 'Arc of Crisis,' which would spill over into Muslim regions of the Soviet Union.

The coup against the Shah, like that against Mossadegh in 1953, was run by British and American intelligence, with the bombastic American, Brzezinski, taking public 'credit' for getting rid of the 'corrupt' Shah, while the British characteristically remained safely in the background.

During 1978, negotiations were under way between the Shah's government and British Petroleum for renewal of the 25-year old extraction agreement. By October 1978, the talks had collapsed over a British 'offer' which demanded exclusive rights to Iran's future oil output, while refusing to guarantee purchase of the oil. With their dependence on British-controlled export apparently at an end, Iran appeared on the verge of independence in its oil sales policy for the first time since 1953, with eager prospective buyers in Germany, France, Japan and elsewhere. In its lead editorial that September, Iran's Kayhan International stated:

In retrospect, the 25-year partnership with the [British Petroleum] consortium and the 50-year relationship with British Petroleum which preceded it, have not been satisfactory ones for Iran … Looking to the future, NIOC [National Iranian Oil Company] should plan to handle all operations by itself.

London was blackmailing and putting enormous economic pressure on the Shah's regime by refusing to buy Iranian oil production, taking only 3 million or so barrels daily of an agreed minimum of 5 million barrels per day. This imposed dramatic revenue pressures on Iran, which provided the context in which religious discontent against the Shah could be fanned by trained agitators deployed by British and U.S. intelligence. In addition, strikes among oil workers at this critical juncture crippled Iranian oil production.

As Iran's domestic economic troubles grew, American 'security' advisers to the Shah's Savak secret police implemented a policy of ever more brutal repression, in a manner calculated to maximize popular antipathy to the Shah. At the same time, the Carter administration cynically began protesting abuses of 'human rights' under the Shah.

British Petroleum reportedly began to organize capital flight out of Iran, through its strong influence in Iran's financial and banking community. The British Broadcasting Corporation's Persian-language broadcasts, with dozens of Persian-speaking BBC 'correspondents' sent into even the smallest village, drummed up hysteria against the Shah. The BBC gave Ayatollah Khomeini a full propaganda platform inside Iran during this time. The British government-owned broadcasting organization refused to give the Shah's government an equal chance to reply. Repeated personal appeals from the Shah to the BBC yielded no result. Anglo-American intelligence was committed to toppling the Shah. The Shah fled in January, and by February 1979, Khomeini had been flown into Tehran to proclaim the establishment of his repressive theocratic state to replace the Shah's government.

Reflecting on his downfall months later, shortly before his death, the Shah noted from exile,

I did not know it then – perhaps I did not want to know – but it is clear to me now that the Americans wanted me out. Clearly this is what the human rights advocates in the State Department wanted … What was I to make of the Administration's sudden decision to call former Under Secretary of State George Ball to the White House as an adviser on Iran? … Ball was among those Americans who wanted to abandon me and ultimately my country.[1][1]

With the fall of the Shah and the coming to power of the fanatical Khomeini adherents in Iran, chaos was unleashed. By May 1979, the new Khomeini regime had singled out the country's nuclear power development plans and announced cancellation of the entire program for French and German nuclear reactor construction.

Iran's oil exports to the world were suddenly cut off, some 3 million barrels per day. Curiously, Saudi Arabian production in the critical days of January 1979 was also cut by some 2 million barrels per day. To add to the pressures on world oil supply, British Petroleum declared force majeure and cancelled major contracts for oil supply. Prices on the Rotterdam spot market, heavily influenced by BP and Royal Cutch Shell as the largest oil traders, soared in early 1979 as a result. The second oil shock of the 1970s was fully under way.

Indications are that the actual planners of the Iranian Khomeini coup in London and within the senior ranks of the U.S. liberal establishment decided to keep President Carter largely ignorant of the policy and its ultimate objectives. The ensuing energy crisis in the United States was a major factor in bringing about Carter's defeat a year later.

There was never a real shortage in the world supply of petroleum. Existing Saudi and Kuwaiti production capacities could at any time have met the 5-6 million barrels per day temporary shortfall, as a U.S. congressional investigation by the General Accounting Office months later confirmed.

Unusually low reserve stocks of oil held by the Seven Sisters oil multinationals contributed to creating a devastating world oil price shock, with prices for crude oil soaring from a level of some $14 per barrel in 1978 towards the astronomical heights of $40 per barrel for some grades of crude on the spot market. Long gasoline lines across America contributed to a general sense of panic, and Carter energy secretary and former CIA director, James R. Schlesinger, did not help calm matters when he told Congress and the media in February 1979 that the Iranian oil shortfall was 'prospectively more serious' than the 1973 Arab oil embargo.[2][2]

The Carter administration's Trilateral Commission foreign policy further ensured that any European effort from Germany and France to develop more cooperative trade, economic and diplomatic relations with their Soviet neighbor, under the umbrella of détente and various Soviet-west European energy agreements, was also thrown into disarray.

Carter's security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and secretary of state, Cyrus Vance, implemented their 'Arc of Crisis' policy, spreading the instability of the Iranian revolution throughout the perimeter around the Soviet Union. Throughout the Islamic perimeter from Pakistan to Iran, U.S. initiatives created instability or worse."

-- William Engdahl, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, © 1992, 2004. Pluto Press Ltd. Pages 171-174.


[1][1] In 1978, the Iranian Ettelaat published an article accusing Khomeini of being a British agent. The clerics organized violent demonstrations in response, which led to the flight of the Shah months later. See U.S. Library of Congress Country Studies, Iran. The Coming of the Revolution. December 1987. The role of BBC Persian broadcasts in the ousting of the Shah is detailed in Hossein Shahidi. 'BBC Persian Service 60 years on.' The Iranian. September 24, 2001. The BBC was so much identified with Khomeini that it won the name 'Ayatollah BBC.'

[2][2] Comptroller General of the United States. 'Iranian Oil Cutoff: Reduced Petroleum Supplies and Inadequate U.S. Government Response.' Report to Congress by General Accounting Office. 1979.

Posted on: 2006/8/17 5:06

Re: CBS 60 minutes intervju med Irans president

Tack jaxtone, håller med dig helt!

matsism, om du menar att regeringen i Iran behandlar kvinnor med värdighet så är du ute och cycklar. I Iran råder könsapartheid utan dess like, jag vet, jag är iranier och har släkt och vänner kvar där. Vi hatar den mördarmaskin som regerar i Iran. Att du som svensk står här och försvarar regimen är för mig ofattbart.

Dessutom är Islamiska republiken och väst mycket bättre vänner än vad de visar för kamerorna. Fråga vilken Iranier som helst och de säger att mullorna har fullt stöd av bl.a engelsmännen för att inte säga att de var installerade av NWO. Kolla hur ofta Jack Straw dyker upp i Iran och visar sitt stöd när upproren dyker upp mot mullorna och regimen...t.o.m Prinskorv Charles var där för att gratulera mullorna när de firade sin 25 års dag av tyranni, dock utan att media i väst visade det självklart.

Jag kan sitta och skriva 100 sidor om brott som begåtts och begås dagligen av regimen i Iran men nu handlar det om Ahmedinejad. Ahmedinejad var precis Bush "selected" och inte "elected". Så funkar det i Iran. När han, Bush, Sharon och alla andra hökar dök upp på vardera sida av kartan visste jag att vi gick in i en mörk era...och nu har vi facit i hand, snart står även Iran i lågor...!

Posted on: 2006/8/16 4:00

Re: Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

Tack neo! :)

Jag tror inte att denna dokumentär har visats på TV, jag sökte och kunde inte hitta något!

Posted on: 2006/8/2 4:24

Re: Bush ser Iran bakom kriget!

Islamiska republiken är en skurkstat som de allra flesta iranier avskyr. Att behöva välja mellan hökarna eller mullorna är som att behöva välja mellan pest och kolera. 70% av irans befolkning är under 30 år och de vill inte ha något att göra med regimen och många hatar islam. Tyvärr tror många iranier att USA med bush regeringen vill vårt bästa men så är tyvärr inte fallet. Jag hoppas att vi slipper se ett krig till och att det iranska folket kan skaka av mullorna på egen hand!

Posted on: 2006/8/1 0:07

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

Hej alla, har följt ett bra tag och bestämde mig för att joina idag. Jag är ytterst intresserad av filmerna som finns tillgängliga.

Jag tänkte själv dela med mig av en dokumentär som jag fick igår. Den är väldigt aktuell med tanke på dagsläget! ... ocId=-7828123714384920696

Posted on: 2006/7/31 23:43


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