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it happened near you‏

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Rätt nytt brev från jonathan gray om Alien abducton osv.

ARCHAEOLOGY NEWSFLASH NO. 98 emil, this news is from Jonathan Gray -

Amazing, don't you think? Incredibly… 4 million in America alone. As many as 4 million citizens from all walks of life claim to have been kidnapped against their will… And to have suffered medical and examination procedures – and even bizarre sexual assault – aboard alien spacecraft (according to research polls such as the Roper poll).

Oh, come on! An encounter with a space ‘alien’? Nonsense! Yet these include sane and honest persons making the claim. So how can we know the truth? Is it possible that the experience itself may be real… but the contactee being the victim of awell orchestrated, clever con? Okay, are you ready for this? Here come some facts that may startle you!

PHYSICAL AFTERMATH Often an abductee has no conscious recollection of what has occurred. However, he or she may suffer significant after-effects for weeks, or even years later. Nausea is felt, as well as pain or lesions in various parts of the body, particularly in the genital region. Often there will be found marks on their bodies. Not just the well known scoops or straight line scars, but single or multiple punctures, sizeablebruises, triangles of various sorts, and three and four fingered claw marks. Female victims of alien encounters frequently suffer gynaecological problems. These often lead to cysts, tumors, breast and uterus cancer, and to hysterectomies.

Quite a large number of abductees succumb to serious illnesses which they did not have prior to the abduction. The result has been surgery or debilitation, and even death from causes which doctors are unable to identify. The bottom line is this: Many people have been physically hurt by some form of “contact” with so-called UFO aliens. The number of people killed is unknown.

Whether their experiences are real or not, abductees are never the same again. Their personalities and their perception of the world are both forever altered. The majority of researchers have noticed that the person undergoes a belief change. It is suggested that this may be the very reason for these “abductions” of so many humans. It has been noted that abductees ultimately becamepassive and controlled. John Keel, a life-long UFOlogist reveals: “Millions of people have been affected at least temporarily by UFO contact, [and] thousands have gone insane and ended up in mental institutions.” These experiences have left a trail of shattered lives and wrecked emotions.

Now I shall ask some hard questions. If these so-called “space” entities are real – and benevolent – then why do they avoid revealin themselves openly? Why, instead, do they rely on “middle of the night” kidnappings to “interbreed” with humans? According to numerous claims, aliens come into homes and temporarily kidnap young children. The parents are left distraught, paralysed and helpless. On occasions when a parent has been able to protest, the aliens simply respond that “the children belong to us.” Often, when an abduction occurs, the aliens flash “screen memories” onto the victim’s “mind screen”,to mask real memories. They use virtual reality scenarios to implant images into abductees’ heads. They manipulate and abuse.

I certainly have respect for people involved in genuine UFO research. But sadly, the situation is also being exploited by others who have their own agendas. When a lie is grand enough, it draws people in on the basis that it is so far-fetched, “it must be true.” And often exploiters use biblical language, offering just enough familiar-sounding truth to make their ideas enticing. Again, I feel deep compassion for those who have been caught up in situations where distressing consequences have resulted. The big question is, If these entities that interact with humans are real, who are they? Where are they from?

The extraterrestrial] theory runs up against a very big difficulty, namely, that we are seeing too many UFOs. The Earth is only a spot of dust in the Universe. Why should it be honoured with so many visits? Rather, perhaps we should think in terms of psychic phenomena - that the ‘aliens’ may not come from outer space but from a ‘parallel reality.’? J. Allen Hynek was formerly a skeptic. He was also the author of numerous technical papers and textbooks on astrophysics. Surrounding himself with credible and reliable scientists, he investigated UFOs for nearly 40 years. Hynek submitted that perhaps UFOs were part of a parallel reality, slipping in and out of sequence with our own. This was a hypothesis that obviously pained him as an empirical scientist. Yet after 30 years of interviewing witnesses and investigating sighting reports, radar contacts, and physical traces of saucer landings no other hypothesis seemed to make sense to him. The findings of numerous other researchers tend to support this conclusion. Prominent UFO researcher John Welldon has noted that:1. In all the millions of sightings, there has never been even one radar detection of a UFO entering our atmosphere from outer space.2. “ETs” appear quite able to breathe in Earth’s atmosphere without respiratory equipment.3. Although fired upon many times by Russian, Canadian and American pilots, never has a UFO been brought down.4. Startlingly, no UFOs seen at different times ever look exactly alike.

These observations would suggest that:1. They are here – emanating, apparently, from our own planet Earth. 2. Although visible, they may not be physical entities. They appear to be not bound by the same material, physical laws.

If UFOs are, indeed, somebody else’s ‘nuts and bolts hardware,’ then we must still explain how such tangible hardware can * change shape before our eyes, * vanish in a Cheshire cat manner (not even leaving a grin), * seemingly melt away in front of us, and* ‘materialize’ mysteriously before us without apparent detection by persons nearby or in neighbouring towns. * two distinctly different UFOs hovering in a clear sky will converge and eventually merge into one object. That suggests another dimension. The UFOs do not seem to exist as tangible, manufactured objects. They do not conform to the natural laws of our environment. They seem to be nothing more than transmogrifications tailoring themselves to our abilities to understand. The thousands of contacts with the entities indicate that they are liars and put-on artists. It seems evident that these phenomena are produced in the same manner that other occult manipulations are produced. They involve dramatic manipulations of matter and energy. Although they originate from the spiritual world, they can produce very powerful, temporarilyphysical manifestations at the material level.

Is it reasonable to assume that the objects we see with our eyes are the only ones which exist? Bearing in mind that all solid objects have a vibration frequency within the range perceptible to the human eye. What if the vibration frequency could be altered into vibrations outside the visible range? Some scientists consider it possible. Is there another dimension, from which these non-human aliens are orchestrating their control and manipulation? Is there a spirit “world” existing as another dimension all around us…. not in some far-off place? Many open-minded scientists are, in fact, concluding as much - that the cosmos consists of frequencies or dimensions of life that share the same space, just as radio and television frequencies do.

That word psychic. It means spiritual (or spirit). Encounters do have a spiritual nature - and abductions have a spiritual effect! And there you have the key. These entities are not real physical ETs from other worlds in space. Not at all. Rather, they are emanating from another dimension! And isn’t this precisely what so many UFO researchers from different sides of the fence are coming to realise… well-known researchers like Vallee, Keel, Mack and others? Psychiatrist John Mack of the prestigious Harvard University founded the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER). To explain abduction claims, Mack, initially a skeptic, looked hard for any and every psychological root cause he could, including childhood abuse. From 1990, he began interviewing abductees. Over the next few years he would interview more than 100 of them, practising, as he described it, a thorough psychoanalysis of each one. He became convinced that each of them was a credible witnesses. He also concluded that the visitors are inter-dimensional… from another reality or spiritual realm.

Furthermore, there is something suspicious about the aliens’ story. It was common in the early days of UFO contacts for aliens to claim they were visiting from Venus. That was before the space program sent out probes to that region. But nowadays, most aliens are purporting to come from further away, somewhere else in the galaxy where we cannot test their claims. These intruders – these aliens – are changing the identity of their home planet so we cannot check up on them. Something fishy here? And then, what about this…

Okay, how credible is it to think that literally thousands of extraterrestrials would fly millions or billions of light-years simply to teach New Age philosophy, deny Christianity, and support the occult….? So many researchers are asking, what is the truth? Is it that these entities did not have to fly here? They were already here… of course! They’ve been emanating from our own planet Earth!

Why are they doing this? Are UFO entities deliberately programming the human observers with false information in order to hide their true nature and purpose? Can they project thoughts into peoples’ minds, so that they believe they have seen laboratories and fetuses, for example? WHY THE ABUSING OF HUMANS? This phenomenon simply can’t be explained in terms of crossbreeding experiments or scientific research into the human physiology. Before we allow ourselves to believe in the benevolence of the alien interaction, we should ask, do enlightened beings need to use the cover of night to perform good deeds? Do they need to paralyze us and render us helpless to resist? Do they need to steal our fetuses? Do they need to manipulate our childrens’ genitals and probe our rectums? Are fear, pain, and deception consistent with high spiritual motives? It is the so-called aliens that are doing the pretending… claiming to be what they are not. There’s the deception. As famous UFO researcher John Keel points out: The thousands of contacts with the entities indicate that they are liars and put-on artists. (John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse) Also, UFO researchers Ankerberg and Weldon reveal what the common view is among other researchers: “These researchers believe that the UFO entities are deliberately programming the human observers with false information in order to hide their true nature and purpose.” (Ankerberg and Weldon, The Facts on UFOs and Other Supernatural Phenomenon) Another UFO expert Gary Bates concurs: “They appear to be operating in a covert manner, similar to a ‘fifth column.’ “Their efforts resemble a propaganda war that tries to convince the enemy that their intentions are not hostile, that is, that ‘we’re the good guys.’ “Human combatants have used similar methods in conventional warfare on this planet, where one side tries to ‘soften up’ a country prior to invasion, giving the impression that they are no threat. It is a classic deception. He points out, “As the CE-4 researchers discovered, there is a battle going on in another dimension or a spiritual realm, and control of humankind and the earth appears to be the goal.” (Gary Bates, Alien Intrusion) “Remember that these are the same beings who have apparently gone to great lengths to manufacture the illusions of arriving in spacecraft to cover up who they really are (whether they do this through hallucinogenic suggestion, manipulation of energy, or whatever.” (Ibid., p. 310) “Who should we believe?” he asks. “Beings with questionable origins who abuse humans and treat them with disdain?”

Should one trust these deceptive beings’ claims? Have they come from other planets? You’ve got to be kidding. Did they come here willingly? No way! Are they here to help us? Not on your life! Don’t dismiss these beings totally. There is no doubt about this: they are real enough. But they act deceptively. They talk about doing good, but behave abominably. They leave peoples’ lives scarred, physically and emotionally. There is evidence that these entities have been deceiving mankind since the beginning of history. Humans have been lied to. And they have believed the lies. And they still accept them today. Decent people are being misled.

Some folk are only too keen to imbibe the stories told by these entities, though they cannot scientifically establish their origin or indeed their reality in the physical realm. We do know that the so-called space brothers have established a pattern of telling us things that have been proven to be demonstrably false. One should then ask, Should they be trusted either? If they have lied, should they not be treated as liars? These beings do act deceptively. They speak about doing good – yet behave abominably. Their human victims are scarred for the rest of their lives – emotionally and physically. These aliens say one thing and do another. Here for our good? Quite the opposite. How could anyone feel safe in trusting the claims of such deceptive beings to be our rescuers? Beings with questionable origins who abuse people and treat them with disdain? One factor common to alien abductions is that the human subjects are emotionally and religiously transformed. But the experience is often unpleasant, leaving the abductee with a sense of being violated and depressed…. even suicidal. It is a tragic fact that so many researchers – and abductees – fail to determine the true nature of an encounter with a “space brother”. They fail to see through the charade. And worse, they can become very much aligned with the “mission” of these “ETs”. Don’t fall for their trick. Be ready, with the facts at your fingertips. So who are these “space men”? Where are they from? Why are they here? Yes, you can discover their amazing plan. We have carefully uncovered their identity. It will shock you! To get the inside story, please go to Once again, my very best wishes to you and yours. Jonathan ------------------------------------------------------Please tell your friends,------------------------------------------------------Have you been enjoying Dead Men’s Secrets? Did you like the recent issue of “News Flash” archaeology newsletter? If you know someone who would find these facts interesting, Click the URL below now to tell them, or copy and paste the URL below into your browser. =========================================If you have any questions, please email me =========================================International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++If you have received this mailing in error, or do not wish to receive any further newsletter mailings from us, simply click "Reply" and typein the SUBJECT LINE "unsubscribe" to,or write toSurprising DiscoveriesPacific Coast HwyPO Box 785ThamesNew Zealand

Posted on: 2008/2/18 1:23

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There is no government like NO government!
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Re: it happened near you‏
Baahhh... det var rätt grymma textmassor. Kan man inte radbryta texten?

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Re: it happened near you‏

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jovisst, jag spacar lite då. ge mig 5 min

Posted on: 2008/2/18 13:28
There is no government like NO government!
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