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Youtube restores the alex jones channel
Alex Jones Channel Reinstated after Filing Lawsuits

Youtube has restored the official Alex Jones Youtube channel after legal counter claims were filed against the original claims of copyright violation.

It took two weeks for this issue to be resolved, with Youtube examining and determining exactly who had filed the original complaint.

The Infowars team had to write up legal papers and file counter claims in federal court, which eventually prompted the complainant to back down.

The Google owned company reversed it’s decision to pull the channel and resurrected it, along with the backup channel The Infowarrior, which was also restricted last week.

Youtube revealed that a second copyright violation was filed, however this turned out to be a fake, with no supporting evidence, no doubt filed by a person who simply dislikes Alex Jones and Infowars.

It also seems that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette did not file a complaint against Alex for showing a print out of one of their articles, as originally suggested by Youtube.

The Alex Jones Channel, started by a fan but since embraced as the “official” Alex Jones micro-site on You Tube, has routinely featured in the website’s most popular ranking charts and has collectively attracted close to three million views for videos painstakingly catalogued and uploaded over the past two years.

According to Youtube’s figures, it is the 49th most subscribed to channel of all time and the 99th most viewed channel of all time, despite having only started in February 2008. Furthermore, it is the 9th most viewed channel this month, despite having been recently restricted.

The channel’s deletion seemed terminal, but thanks to the efforts of thousands of viewers and Infowars readers, who have called Youtube to complain about the censorship, the company was prompted to listen to our counter claims.

We would like to thank the viewers/readers for calling in to Youtube and all the Youtubers that have supported the Alex Jones channel. This victory shows the effect that people power can have in the Infowar.

However, having earned this success, we must now better prepare for the inevitable attacks that will follow. There is no doubt that there are people out there who desperately want to see important sources of information eliminated from Youtube, and there is no doubt that the Alex Jones Channel will come under fire in the future.

We would therefore like to announce “Operation Evacuation” - There are over 2000 vitally important videos that, for the moment, are confined to what may now be a compromised vessel.

We encourage readers to take whichever they feel are the most important videos from The Alex Jones Channel, and mirror them all over Youtube.

Man the Lifeboats!!

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Re: Youtube restores the alex jones channel

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åh sån vilseledande topic :)

Posted on: 2009/5/20 23:20
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