In a 2016 TV interview, the notorious globalist Klaus Schwab, also the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, is now drawing significant attention. Among other things, Schwab suggests that implanted microchips in human bodies and brains will become a reality ”definitely within ten years.”

”First, we will put them in our clothes, and then one can imagine that we implant them in our brains or our skin, and in the end, there might be direct communication between our brain and the digital world,” Schwab proclaims.

He further suggests that humanity should expect the physical, digital, and biological worlds to ”merge together.”

The program host brings up that people, for instance, who want to contact someone using cybernetic technology won’t even need to touch any digital device, but the connection will automatically be made via implanted microchips in the body.

Notorious globalist: Microchips in the brain will soon become a reality


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