Obama var tvungen att stoppa sitt planerade anfall mot Syrien beroende på ett gigantiskt myteri i den amerikanska militärledningen. Uppenbarligen kunde inte soldaterna finna någon strategi i presidentens planer och framförde massvis med invändningar mot insatsen. Aldrig tidigare har soldater i Amerika så öppet vägrat lyda en president”, skrev den tyska näringslivshemsidan DWN med många citat från ledande amerikanska militärer. Artikeln citerar också förre generalsekreteraren för Nato Jaap De Hoop Scheffers uttalande i The Telegraph den 27.8: ”Varenda en som tror att det finns en militär lösning på detta fruktansvärda krig som pågår i Syrien behöver få sitt huvud undersökt.”

”Historic Flop: Mutiny of U.S. Military Forces Obama Into Retreat”

Sept. 2 (EIRNS)–Under this headline, the (euro-critical) website
”Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten” (DWN) reports at length on the
U.S. military revolt against Obama, based on the article in the
{Washington Post}, however much more favorable to the military
than the {Post}.
”U.S. President Obama had to call off the planned military
strike against Syria because of a giant mutiny in the leadership
of the U.S. military, apparently,” the DWN article begins,
continuing, ”the soldiers could not recognize any strategy of the
President–and voiced massive concerns against the action. Never
before, have soldiers in America refused to obey a President so
Among other leading military, the DWN quotes Generals Martin
Dempsey and James Mattis, as strongly opposing a Syria
adventure. The article adds: ”Many leading military are also
becoming insecure, because the rapid disintegration of the
anti-Syria coalition prompts new tactical planning. Without the
British, an operation looks quite different. And the lukewarm
support from NATO has made the military think twice. To rely only
on France seems too little for many. And Turkey is being eyed
with mistrust by the U.S. military anyway. [Prime Minister]
Erdogan is not trusted, because the [his ruling party] AKP is
rated by many U.S. elites as an Islamicist movement, which
pursues its own agenda.”
This DWN article has been the only one in the German
language outside of the LaRouche movement’s publications, that
takes account of the U.S. military revolt, and the website is
widely read–as shown by the fact that already by noon,
330 internet comments were listed under this article.

US must look to Vladimir Putin as military action in Syria ’will achieve nothing’
By Gregg Morgan, 31 Aug 2013, The Telegraph

Former Nato Secretary General Jaap De Hoop Scheffer says military action in Syria will ”achieve nothing” and instead the US must look to Russia and Iran for a political solution.
Speaking to the Telegraph from the Netherlands, Mr De Hoop Scheffer said the US should avoid taking military action against Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and claimed it was ”impossible” to find a solution to the Syrian crisis that did not involve Russia or Iran.
He called on the respective world leaders ”to cross their lines” and arrange a conference in Geneva in order to discuss how to peacefully the civil war.
Mr De Hoop Scheffer, Nato Secretary General between 2004 and 2009, argued that the planned US strikes would achieve nothing.
”Anyone who thinks there is a miltary solution for this horrible war going on in Syria needs their head examined,” he said.

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