The so-called pandemic was largely about governments and tech giants trying to stop ”disinformation” and ”misinformation” about COVID and the vaccine.

And, yes, a lot of false information was spread, primarily by the state and its ”experts.”

This is the opinion of Dr. and Professor Marty Makary.

”The biggest spreader of misinformation has been the U.S. government,” he tells Tucker Carlson.

”The data has caught up with all the lies now.”

Makary identifies five myths spread by authorities that have now been exposed. These include the claim that natural immunity doesn’t provide adequate protection, that school closures would reduce the spread of the virus, that heart inflammation from the vaccine is less common than from the infection, that the Wuhan lab leak was a conspiracy theory, and that data on the new booster shots ”crystal clear” showed their effectiveness.

”For me, it is crystal clear that a young, healthy person shouldn’t take this,” Makary continues on Fox News. ”How can you, with such absoluteness and dogmatism, force this on people without data? We don’t even know if any healthy child has ever died of COVID.”

Professor on COVID: ’The biggest spreader of misinformation was the state’


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