Electromagnetic fields can harm or heal depending on the frequency or the length of exposure. This is stated by Russian doctors who use technology every day in hospitals since the 1970s. Russian scientists and doctors have been aware for long time of the harmful effects of what in the Western world is considered to be low levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Eastern Europe has had safety levels for microwave radiation since the 1960s, which is hundreds of times lower than those currently used in in the Western world, which is only based on the idea that radiation is not harmful as long as it is not so high that it heats up tissue by one degree.

Russia has made energy medicine a national specialty and scientists have developed various techniques and equipment since the 1970s. One of the pioneers in this area is the neurologist Yuri Khodlolv, director of the Institute of Higher Nervous System in Moscow, where research has been conducted since in 1966.

”We can both heal and cause all kinds of damage with electro magnetic fields, depending on frequency and STRENGTH”, he said to Jean-Pierre Lantin.

Radiation and electromagnetic fields that can heal and that can kill


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