Robert F. Kennedy Jr, like his father and uncle John F. Kennedy, has been an advocate for the American Constitution and democracy, warning against the ongoing dismantling that began with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview, he discusses the significant involvement of the CIA and how the entire process has been planned and organized for a long time, gradually proceeding with the aim of controlling humanity.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr was born in Virginia in 1954. At the age of nine, his uncle, President John F. Kennedy (JFK), was assassinated. In 1968, his own father, Robert Kennedy, was assassinated during his presidential campaign in Los Angeles. At the age of only 14, Robert Jr delivered a speech at his father’s funeral and was one of the pallbearers.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr studied law, specializing in environmental law, and has been an activist advocating for renewable energy, conservation of waterways, and indigenous rights.

The entire Kennedy family was involved in CIA investigations during the early 2000s. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in the 21st century, served as a lawyer challenging the use of mercury as a preservative in childhood vaccines by the pharmaceutical industry. In 2016, he founded the World Mercury Project, later renamed Children’s Health Defense.

For a combined period of six years after the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the entire Kennedy family was engaged in CIA investigations. This involvement provided significant insight into the methods and practices of the CIA, which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. documented in his book ”American Values Lessons I Learned from my Family” (2018).

Based on extensive research, Kennedy discusses his findings in Patrick Gentempo’s interview series ”Covid revealed.” The information shared in this article is a summary of that interview.

”When Event 201 took place on October 18, 2019, I knew that it wasn’t an isolated incident. In my research for the aforementioned book, I discovered how the CIA had been developing techniques for over 30 years to destroy indigenous communities and impose centralized control.

The CIA developed mind control techniques and methods to control and limit population growth. They aim to destroy local economies, traditional relationships, and institutions. They create chaos through propaganda and censorship, making people stop talking to each other.

The true reality is hidden. The plan is that once full chaos takes over, a kind of centralized control will be imposed. There are numerous techniques at work behind this. But let’s start with the present.”

September 12, 2019 – Signs of the First Coronavirus in Wuhan
The information available suggests that the virus was circulating in Wuhan as early as mid-September 2019, with the likely date being September 12.

The hospital parking lot was filled with cars, and discussions were ongoing among the people in Wuhan. Laboratory workers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (The Wuhan Inst of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), presumed to house the country’s most advanced laboratory for bio- and chemical weapons, with some collaboration with the USA, had been sent to the hospital with COVID-like symptoms.

Event 201 – Pandemic Exercise
On October 18, 2019, Event 201 was conducted by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, with financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The CIA, military personnel, and Pentagon officials from DARPA, BARDA, and other Pentagon agencies were involved.

Many powerful individuals gathered at the Pierre Hotel in New York, including Bill Gates and April Haynes, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, who is currently the head of National Security in the Biden administration. Several prominent figures from health authorities and the mass media were also present., Robert F. Kennedy Jr on CIA involvement in the corona crisis


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