In an interview with Fox News, American State senator Ron Johnson claimed that the so-called pandemic and its management were pre-planned.

”All of it was pre-planned by an elite group of people,” Ron Johnson says on Fox. He finds this very concerning and feels it must be revealed. However, he notes that very few people, even in Congress, are willing to investigate it. They pushed for the vaccine and don’t want to admit it may have caused harm and death. He believes many people don’t want to acknowledge they were wrong and will do everything to prevent proof of their mistake.

”We are up against a very powerful group of people here,” he points out.

He believes it’s about reshaping society and taking away people’s freedoms.

”The truth must be exposed,” states the state senator. He urges more Americans to listen to the truth, to emerge from denial, open their eyes, and understand what is happening to the country. He warns that the nation is heading down a dangerous path laid out and planned by an elite group aiming for total control over people’s lives, a process happening step by step., State senator claims that the ”pandemic” was planned by a powerful elite


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