The pharmaceutical industry’s most profitable pill ever in history is cholesterol-lowering statins, which to date are believed to have brought in about 10,000 billion Swedish krona. Hundreds of millions of people, including one million in Sweden, are currently on statins, which cause a long list of severe side effects. I have previously written about this on the blog. These pills have contributed to making old age miserable for millions of elderly people who have been imposed them by ignorant doctors who are heavily influenced by Big Pharma’s interests. In the medicine catalog FASS, where the industry should report observed side effects during the testing of the pills, these side effects are downplayed and claimed to be extremely rare. But that is not the truth. Almost everyone experiences more or less unpleasant and sometimes directly dangerous side effects.

I myself am surrounded by elderly people who have experienced this pill, so I know what I’m talking about. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by everything from diffuse discomfort that lowers the quality of life to really severe side effects. A well-known American doctor and astronaut believed that he got ALS from his long-term use of statins. He died in 2016 from his ALS. Among my acquaintances, someone has suffered severe liver damage, one can no longer walk more than a few hundred meters without severe cramps in the legs, one has become severely depressed, one has lost his potency, and a woman over 90 years old was about to die just a week after she started with the pills. Prescribing statins to such an old healthy woman should result in imprisonment for the prescribing doctor.

Several who have complained to their doctor have been dismissed with the claim that it would just be normal aging ailments, but that is a lie. Those who have stopped taking statins have gotten rid of the problems. An acquaintance who didn’t dare defy his doctor, who claimed he would quickly die if he didn’t take statins, became demented and died of a stroke shortly after, despite his statins.

All these side effects that more and more patients have become aware of, have led to many stopping taking their pills despite their doctors scaring them with an early death. This has likely started to be noticed in the industry’s sales statistics. They have not had a quiet moment when cash flows begin to decline, so now they have made sure to frighten their hand-picked researchers and had them conduct a large study to create a basis for greatly expanding the market for cholesterol-lowering drugs. Above, you see a list of the researchers’ close relationships with pharmaceutical companies.

The study was presented in Lancet on December 14, 2019. The goal of the study is obvious, it’s about the industry mobilizing an argument to also start prescribing statins en masse to young people. Now their lives will also be made miserable. There is a crazy Swedish professor who even thinks that statins should be mixed in drinking water.

The well-known British critic of the mass prescription of cholesterol-lowering drugs, Malcolm Kendrick, has reviewed the study and reported how the researchers twisted the setup and distorted facts so that they could arrive at the desired conclusions.

Already in 1959, MJ Albrink and EB Man showed that cholesterol did not correlate with cardiovascular diseases, but the problem was the triglycerides in the blood that are driven up by a carbohydrate-rich diet. This should have led to the conclusion that cholesterol-lowering drugs should not be developed. The researchers in the Lancet study knew this, so they lumped together blood cholesterol and triglycerides in the study and thus got a negative outcome that they falsely attributed to LDL cholesterol. I can’t see it as anything other than being done deliberately. The result was a conclusion that statins should now start being prescribed to 30-40-year-olds on a large scale. All to get the statin sales going again.

Read Kendrick’s total demolition of this Lancet study. It makes me afraid of the dark and even more convinced that the pharmaceutical industry’s researchers do not shy away from any means when it comes to pushing out these dangerous drugs in large quantities. I have previously said that I believe the use of statins will become the biggest scandal in the history of school medicine, and that says a lot considering all the previous scandals. The most serious side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs are the long-term ones, while the testing has only been over shorter periods.

I myself have experienced trolls entering my page on Wikipedia and inserting a lot of text with the purpose of trying to diminish me, this after I wrote columns criticizing the overuse of both statins and a number of dubious vaccines. There is now around-the-clock monitoring to prevent me from correcting what they have written.

My advice to anyone who gets a prescription from the doctor for cholesterol-lowering drugs is to go online and carefully inform yourself about what these drugs do to your metabolism before you start taking them. Do not trust FASS which only reports what the industry itself claims. It’s not just about your ability to produce vital cholesterol, but these pills also, for example, cut off your production of the extremely important enzyme Q10, which among other things protects your heart muscle.

Note that a number of studies have shown that people with high cholesterol values are the healthiest and live the longest.

Lars Bern, Statins – Warning about Deceptive Research


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