Invoking Franz Kafka’s literary work ”The Trial”, the state of the world is described as an ”Absurdistan,” a place where:

  • black becomes white
  • lies are called truth
  • healthy is deemed sick
  • criminal is claimed to be legal

In recent years, a ”pandemic” has unfolded. The actions taken during this period are based on the motto – the bigger and worse the lie, the harder it is to believe it’s a lie. It’s claimed that there hasn’t been a real pandemic, but rather a long-planned conspiracy against humanity with many branches in an ”Old World Order”!

A global oligarchy is trying to establish a technocratic dictatorship – totalitarianism. The ongoing agenda is said to have three main goals:

  1. Depopulation
  2. Total control of humanity
  3. Transhumanism

Depopulation is allegedly achieved through illegal genetic medical experimentation – injections against the Sars cov2 virus and accompanying restrictions on people. The injections supposedly work by causing disease and premature death, and by reducing fertility to hinder the creation of new humans.

Total control of humanity is underpinned by propaganda creating fear and obedience. Through digital connection via a QR code and vaccine passports, and a digital central bank currency (CBDC), it’s claimed that a person’s access to the world can be completely controlled, following the social credit model used in China, creating a digital prison.

Transhumanism involves changing the human being itself. Through IT – such as 5G and AI – combined with biological force, humans can be controlled and even ”hacked”.

The ”pandemic” as part of this is described as follows.
Early in 2020, WHO declared a pandemic. WHO is promoted by political bodies, authorities, mass media, science, other organizations, and companies. Corporations within Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Media are co-actors. So-called public health and pharmaceutical authorities like the CDC and FDA in the USA and their counterparts in Sweden administer the agenda, which is implemented at different paces in different countries but based on the same fundamental concept.

The motive for declaring a pandemic was a claimed dangerous virus that in reality turned out to have a mortality rate only slightly higher than a normal seasonal flu virus. This was known, but to deceive the public, mass testing of people with a PCR test was initiated, which was claimed to show many virus cases. But since the test was unusable, these cases were false. With the help of this and forecasts that exaggerated the virus’s danger, fear was instilled in the public. This, in turn, led to many people getting injected with ”vaccines,” which were claimed to have been developed quickly.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden stated in a guideline on July 21, 2020, that PCR tests were unsuitable for diagnosing illness. However, generous compensations led to extensive testing in the country, costing 26-30 billion SEK. This is described as a PCR test pandemic.

In October 2019, a preparatory exercise called ”Event 201” was conducted, allegedly planning the upcoming ”pandemic,” involving WEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Large-scale PCR tests and so-called vaccines were reportedly in place before the pandemic was declared.

The document asserts that the injections are a massive fraud and the biggest crime against humanity, not being real vaccines nor properly tested. Informed consent was not obtained, violating medical ethics. It claims that effective treatments existed, making injections unnecessary.

And not only that – the alleged vaccines have turned out to be bioweapons to wage war against humanity. The injections also have a dual effect – partly to spread disease and premature death among those vaccinated, and partly to further transmit the infection so that more become ill and die. Like a self-playing piano!

This is evidenced by what has happened after the mass injections. Excess mortality has increased significantly while the number of births has sharply decreased. It has attacked both those who are living and prevented new life on Earth! The extensive injecting and the virus’s many mutations have also increased the risk of new, really dangerous variants emerging. It has been warned that the consequence could be a disaster, mainly for the most vaccinated part of humanity – the so-called Western civilization – but that all of humanity could be threatened.

On the agenda for total control of humanity, freedom and democracy are under attack. In Sweden, the constitution was violated through a pandemic law and vaccine passports, which were abolished after major protests. The constitution has also been amended with the introduction of a foreign espionage law. Internationally, actions by the UN, WEF, WHO, and other international organizations are causing alarm. WHO’s attempt to almost unilaterally control countries’ health policies through a pandemic treaty and amendments to the IHR 2005 is a dire threat that must be averted.

The so-called vaccines are composed of genetic medical substances. In the injections, biochemistry and digital technology are combined in warfare with bioweapons. Through the alteration of human brains via mRNA technology, people are to become transhumans and dehumanized!

The injections are considered an assault on the Nuremberg Convention, established following the trials against the perpetrators of medical abuses during Nazism in World War II. This was to prevent similar occurrences. Now, it’s happening again on a global scale – ”Never again” has become global. Ethics, morality, and law have been sacrificed on the altars of power and wealth during the ”pandemic.”

The agenda is driven by a global oligarchy, largely emanating from the USA. The country’s quest for world domination, using the ”Western world,” NATO, and the EU as tools, must end. Hope rests on Robert F Kennedy Jr, who is running for president in the 2024 election with a declaration of independence. Kennedy envisions the USA as a bastion of freedom and democracy. The struggle between superpowers should be surpassed by the emerging multipolar world.

The path to tyrannical rule is to create ongoing fear and chaos, paving the way for the introduction of a ”world government.” In this context, contagious viruses, sudden deaths, runaway prices, poverty, repression, sabotage (read Nord Stream), the Ukraine war, the Hamas-Israel conflict, nuclear threats, climate alarms, and environmental crises fit like a glove.

Behind current events lie long-term plans by global forces on racial hygiene (eugenics) and genocide. People are divided, in these obscure thoughts, into those who are useful and those who are considered useless eaters, with the latter intended to be removed from the Earth. Furthermore, the goal is not only to reduce the number of people but also to transform humans into transhumans. The term genocide is deemed insufficient – it should be replaced with ”humanicide.”

What has happened in the name of a pandemic is, as mentioned above, alleged to be the greatest crime ever against humanity. While totalitarian forces advance their positions, resistance is growing globally in the form of court rulings, legal processes, scientific appeals, political opposition, and popular protests. There is a significant awakening happening. More and more people are seeing through the lies and saying no to injections.

If ethics and law had prevailed, the illegal injections would never have occurred. They must be stopped immediately! Restrictions should not have been introduced due to the alleged plague. People and societies have been severely damaged, and the many harms caused by mass injections must be repaired urgently. A comprehensive repatriation program is needed. Human dignity must be restored, and remedies made available. This should be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repatriation protocols exist, for example, from the American medical organization Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

The white paper ”Our Absurd World” – A document about the so-called pandemic and its connections


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