The World Freedom Alliance is a non-profit organization that has been building an international network since October 2020 to offer peace and freedom fighters a platform for global cooperation and to stand up for fundamental rights and truth together. People from all over the world have the opportunity to work individually and responsibly and also together with experts, associations and various organizations to achieve a peaceful and livable future.

The idea of setting up an international organization that would stand up to anti-democratic regimes with courage and enlightenment was born after a demonstration in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz in October 2020. The German doctor Heiko Schöning appeared with a group of international doctors and peace activists who gave wonderful speeches, including Dr. Mikael Nordfors, Dr. Mohammed Adil, Maneka Helleberg, the neurologist Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson and the molecular biologist and immunologist Dolores Cahill, who called out the beautiful sentence: “You get what you accept, let us rule the world, we are the great resist! ”

Only a few weeks later Chairwoman Maneka Helleberg announced the official birth of the WFA in November 2020 at the first major demonstration in Stockholm. Now, in July 2021, just 8 months later, the Freedom Child has already grown considerably – with representatives on almost every continent on earth (except Antarctica, but only as long as Bill keeps his hands off the penguins).

The members include people from many professions and age groups: Parents, retirees, students, doctors, scientists, lawyers and many more. What they all have in common is that they became politically active after they realized that democratic debates were banned, politicians instead of doctors determine what is best for health, and emergency pharmaceutical approvals are sold with large advertising budgets as the only salvation for humanity.

Mainly through zoom meetings, the members exchange their knowledge, inform each other about the current political situation in their respective countries, plan lectures, events and protests and encourage each other. “Our goal is not only to uncover the lies of this „pandemic ”, says Nigel Utton, who organizes the major demonstrations in London and is responsible for education and networking with Great Britain at the WFA, “but above all we think together about what a better world looks like that we can be proud of. ”

On the WFA website you can find out about news and campaigns as well as other focus groups, including the groups “Law”, “Health Sciences and Medicine” and “Activism”. Specialists worked out liability notices and, together with the activists, ensured that these were sent to doctors, to health authorities, media houses, politicians and parliaments in many countries or were even delivered personally. In it, they informed that they could be held personally liable for damage and deaths caused by the administration of covid-19 vaccines and reminded them of their duty to fully inform themselves in order to protect people’s health. The documents can be downloaded from the WFA website.

Numerous similar liability notices were also personally delivered in many countries by representatives of the WFA to media houses, health authorities and parliaments. The documents can be downloaded from the WFA website.

Another collaboration with the ”EU Citizens Initiative” led to the mobilization of helpers to influence the vote of members of the EU Parliament on the introduction of digital vaccination passports through email bombing and social media campaigns by personally educating them about the devastating consequences for Health, Freedom and Democracy.

The members of the WFA inform themselves weekly about their actions and the state of affairs in their countries and so, for example, one