Understanding the world, finding ways to relate to it, and knowing what to do to contribute are challenging subjects. Here, Mikael Cromsjö provides an overview of the problems and solutions that can guide us forward.

I have tried to structure the topic into four main points to facilitate study and work with information dissemination. The material can be used as an introduction for the newly awakened and an action plan for those who are more experienced.

The four points are:

1. Understanding the problems in the world.

2. Understanding the cause of the problems.

3. Understanding that there is a solution.

4. Understanding the path to the solution.

1. Understanding the problems in the world
Understanding the problems in the world means first acknowledging that these problems exist and daring to take a closer look at them.

We have war, famine, disease, and poverty. Natural resources are exploited, leaving devastating effects on forests, soils, water, and animals.

The Earth’s resources, such as oil, metals, forests, land, as well as banking systems and mass media, are all controlled by a few interests.

2. Understanding the cause of the problems
The causes can be divided into two parts.

2.1 Power Techniques
Out of fear of being ostracized, we adopt the beliefs of norms and authorities and act according to them without taking personal responsibility.

Power techniques are the conditioning we are subjected to and trained in as children and as adults. We learn to adapt to new groups and understand the importance of not displaying deviant behaviors to avoid bullying. We learn to follow authorities without taking personal responsibility. We are motivated by reward or fear of punishment instead of being motivated to do good work. Fear is further reinforced in various ways through different types of psychological warfare. This creates a population that is easy to control and minimizes opposition.

2.2 Power Structures
Those who best adapt to and learn the rules of the power structure are rewarded with higher positions in education, politics, and business. In this way, a pyramid structure is created where those higher up in the structure act more on the orders of others without questioning or taking personal responsibility. These structures are interconnected on an international level and serve as a tool to easily control the population.

3. Understanding that there is a solution
The future holds more possibilities.

3.1 If we do nothing
If we continue as we do today, the risk is that we will all end up in a totalitarian world order where everyone is controlled through technology and reduced to mere labor for the power elite.

3.2 If we change course
There are solutions to all the problems we face today. The alternative movement presents various proposed solutions in areas such as medicine, agriculture, technology, and economics. The problem is that the power structure sees these areas as competitors to its monopoly on power. Healthy, strong, and happy people are not as easy to control. Many of these solutions are available to us if we choose to study them and begin to implement them.

By studying these subjects, you will gain new knowledge that directly leads to greater freedom for you. You can avoid various control mechanisms and live a rich and meaningful life.

4. Understanding the path to the solution
The solution can be divided into two parts: personal development and the dissemination of knowledge.

We can both develop ourselves and spread knowledge. Both of these aspects play a significant role in awakening. By sharing what you learn, you contribute to others, and by cultivating wisdom, you enhance your quality of life. Both can be done in parallel right from the start and should always be important parts of your life.

4.1 Personal Development
There are many paths to explore, and it is part of the awakening process to find the paths that resonate with us. Here, I address some points that are important to me.

Logic and Philosophy of Science
Many do not understand the difference between believing and knowing and have, in many cases, equated norms and authorities with truth. Reflecting on this and understanding that most of what we take for granted is actually belief systems and not absolute truths is essential.

Understand the world’s problems, causes, and solutions
We must study and contemplate the world’s problematic situation to know how to act. Try to research without judgment and be aware that much of what you see and read is different belief systems.

Motivation and Effort
To create change, effort is required. It does not help to look the other way. Motivation comes from looking at the problems and solutions. It is a lifelong effort that you must return to again and again.

Allow everything to be as it is
Instead of reacting and trying to change what happens in you and in your surroundings, try only to take in and listen to it. Blaming yourself and your surroundings are not effective ways to move forward. Guilt and shame are domination techniques that make it difficult to look at the problems we have. Change comes when we can look at the problems with calm and acceptance. Can I allow it to be like this now?

Take responsibility for your actions
All actions have consequences. Take responsibility for your consumption, take responsibility for your work, take responsibility for how you communicate, and take responsibility for your health. How does this affect me and the world? What does your action contribute, does it align with your desire?

Live a good life
Find ways to meet your inner longing. I recommend reducing all expenses and start saving. Only buy raw materials and cook your own food, transition to a mainly vegetarian diet, and reduce your working hours.

Do not watch TV and do not read newspapers. Spend time with family, children, and friends. Get rid of loans and explore the possibilities of becoming more self-sufficient.

Cultivate your thoughts
Thought is what most affects how you feel. By observing thoughts without judging them, you can choose to let go of thought patterns that do not benefit you and choose other thoughts. What am I thinking about? How does it affect me?

Cultivate presence
By shifting focus from thoughts to the senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, a balance is created between thinking and being. Being is extremely important to get new impressions and to build up wisdom, while thoughts are a tool for managing new data. What do I feel? What is happening in me now?

4.2) Spreading of Knowledge
No one else will solve our situation for us. It is all of us who must act. By sharing the various topics discussed here with friends and acquaintances, knowledge is spread further. Start slowly and with a lot of humility. Be in touch with your desire to contribute when talking to others about these topics.

Mikael Cromsjö, The world’s problems, their cause, the solution, and the path forward



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