To understand the present, we must be familiar with the past, and to ”predict” the future, we must be aware of the present.

The safest thing to say about predictions is that they often do not come true. However, by studying human nature, analyzing trends, and various growing societal phenomena, we can build more or less reasonable hypotheses about where society is headed.

In this article, I will list how Western societies, particularly Sweden, will look in 10 to 20 years.

Let us sincerely hope that I am wrong.

All physical money, such as banknotes and coins, will be a thing of the past. The state now has full control over all your transactions and can shut down your account if you exhibit disagreeable behavior or express ”incorrect” opinions.

Criticism of religions or religious customs will be classified as hate speech and result in hefty fines or imprisonment.

Calls to prayer will be commonplace in every Swedish city.

The politically ”correct” Woke industry has now become a religion, and people will sue each other if they feel offended by ”wrong” opinions.

Skin color, gender, and the ”correct” ideology will be more important qualifications than education and knowledge.

Climate alarmism is now officially a religion, and those who do not subscribe to it will be ostracized, fired, and considered persona non grata.

Private car usage will be banned for everyone except the elite, citing the ”climate threat.”

Common influenzas will be categorized as epidemics, and epidemics will be categorized as pandemics.

Mandatory vaccination will be introduced, and only those with a vaccine passport will be allowed to work, go outdoors, and travel. Those who refuse or cannot be vaccinated for health reasons will be placed in quarantine.

The number of people diagnosed with ADHD and autism will increase explosively.

The number of people diagnosed with gender dysphoria will increase explosively (there is a connection with the above-described phenomenon and the confusion imposed on children).

No one will read books, except for a small minority of women. Instead, most will only skim through short, superficial, and propagandistic notices on their screens.

A majority of young people will need glasses due to screen use.

A majority of young people will have impaired hearing due to headphones and earbuds.

The healthcare system has long collapsed, both physical and mental care. Those who cannot afford private healthcare will have to live with illness or die prematurely.

(Partly due to the fact that so few work in healthcare and an increasingly aging population needs help, but primarily because of the tremendous increase in mental and physical illness among a generation raised on soft drinks, fast food, and sedentary screen time).

As a result of overcrowded mental health clinics and a lack of insight into the importance of nutrition, sleep habits, and exercise for mental health, suicides will increase.

Massive migration waves to Europe will boost right-wing extremist parties, while the left will split into two factions: a pragmatic one that (too late) realizes that a system collapse and anarchy are inevitable without closed borders, and a utopian one that has allied with Islamists to build ”paradise” on earth through a symbiosis of socialism and Sharia.

Rampant gang crime has now become a tornado that has taken large parts of Europe and, especially, Sweden, hostage.

Enclosed areas (so-called gated communities) have long been commonplace because it has become routine for criminals to raid well-off households for valuables.

As a result of the police increasingly losing control and the law of the jungle prevailing, no one is safe, and citizen militias will form, leading to internecine conflicts.

With reference to the extreme violent crime that has been allowed to grow for decades, the introduction of surveillance cameras will be implemented on every street corner, leading to a police state. A population that has long been frightened and uninformed will welcome this with open arms.

(Those who dare to speculate that this was the plan from the beginning will be diagnosed as paranoid conspiracy theorists and forcibly institutionalized for their ”delusions”).

George Orwell’s books are completely banned, and those who burn them in public will be celebrated and awarded prizes for their fine values.

Michael Delavante, This is what awaits in the future if we do not wake up


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