If you rummage through the spice shelf in the kitchen, you are guaranteed to find something that helps with minor ailments in everyday life. But if you find turmeric in the assortment, then you have the universal remedy that knocks out most things, like cancer, obesity, pain.

Turmeric has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties for decades. Now it turns out that this effective herb has several important and protective properties, such as against obesity and cancer. Research from the Cork Cancer Research Center shows that curcumin (the active pigments in turmeric) destroys individual cancer cells. Additionally, curcumin contributes to cancer cells starting to destroy themselves.

One of the reasons researchers became interested in turmeric a few years ago was that they discovered a significantly lower incidence of certain types of cancer in India.

Especially breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. A Western man has twenty times greater risk of developing prostate cancer than an Indian. The herb has also shown a promising effect on the HPV virus that leads to cervical cancer.

Helps against ”pain” everywhere

Should one list everything that curcumin helps against, this article will become very long. In the last 20 years, almost 5000 studies and investigations on turmeric have been published.

Dr. Allan Fjelstrup believes that it is legitimate to speak loudly about the effects of diseases that occupy most of the health budget. That is, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and rheumatic diseases.

”Since curcumin has an inhibitory effect on the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2, it works very well against ’diffuse and unexplained pain’ that especially affects women. The enzyme is the same as found in cortisone-containing drugs used to reduce and inhibit inflammation in the muscles – but with significant risks of side effects [cortisone]. There have recently been warnings about a series of frightening side effects of NSAIDs, so thank goodness for turmeric,” says the doctor enthusiastically.

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