Vaken kommer att vara på UNG08, en festival i Kungsträdgården. Vi kommer stå utanför och dela ut flygblad, sälja DVD-skivor samt prata med alla som vill veta mer. Kom dit du med!

Exklusiv release med Tony Koma för
Passa på att se Tony Koma som spelar på stora scen den 11:e kl. 19:15. Tony Koma är rappare, sångare, låtskrivare och producent med skarpa och medvetna texter. Här är en exklusiv release direkt från studion som heter ”Wake Up Call”. [Lyssna på youtube]

I see the weather outside, the sun is warming earth
the same rays are deadly for people since their birth

the plants flourish and animals are dependent on them
we walk without our t-shirt, get cancer from all the warming

the beach is filled with the happy people – all on vacation
until the ocean decided to spit tsunamis on them

just a spit of a warning, let’s put some wind upon them
or on them – ontop of buildings we set survaillance on them

let’s fly some planes filled with people right into buildings shall we?
Let’s plants some bombs in the basement so nobody inside leave

let put a marshall law on voters just to get the right one
or at least let em think that their votes count, you know how it’s done

Barack Obama came to change the world and stop the war..
now take a look, what has he done – really nothing at all!

It’s a new fuckin order takin place – we stay in order
people be quiet and do your work – so no questions for them

we need more chaos.. we need a common enemy
let’s say a caveman is behind the terrorism lately

and now the world is screaming, facing our own demons,
instead of facing solution by looking in the mirror

the leaders getting nervous – now me need some more confusion – lets create a virus
and say ’this shot here is the solution’

line us up and say that EVERYBODY needs the shot
when theres not even proof the vaccine is doing enough!
So if the medicin contain poison and mercury
and it’s been proved! How the fuck you gonna say that it’s good for me?!

The world is sleeping and the system working perfectly
unless we wake the fuck up cause it’s right there in front of us please!
Remember bird-flu? Oh how it killed me!
baxter released the virus, baxter created the vaccine!

Some people call me crazy but my head is just weary
cause the new world order’s no longer a conspiracy-theory

Vaken på UNG08 den 11 augusti


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