We often receive questions via e-mail and also during our gatherings. We have therefor compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

What does Vaken.se’s want to achieve?

Vaken.se strives to bring forth information that regular mainstream media usually neglects or minimizes the importance of. We long for a more transparent news coverage with a larger spectra, which in its turn leads to a more open and free society. Vaken.se has been active for 10+ years and is now one of Swedens biggest alternative media outlets with 70000 – 100000 unique visitors per month.

What is Vaken.se’s goal?

Supporting mankind irrespective of gender, ethnicity or religion, to be able to receive unlimited knowledge and freedom by uncovering information that previously has been difficult or kept hidden from them.

Who are Vaken.se?

Vaken.se is part of an international grass roots movement loosely called ”the freedom movement” that is completely without religious or political ties. It consists of a cross-section of society – old and young, male and female, colored and white etc – we are therefor not a homogenous group, but nonetheless a very large group of different people with different desires and interests.

What does Vaken.se do?

Our work consits of organizing meetings, lectures with both Swedish and international speakers, film showings and handing out information to the public on the streets of Sweden. In the spring of 2010, Vaken.se held an ”open house” where different speeches, activities and discussions. On our news portal vaken.se we publish a vast array of important news. Here you can also watch free documentaries, read articles on broad range of topics and writers, and also partake in our online-forum. We regularly send out info packages consisting of articles, fliers, DVD’s to musicians, writers, journalists and policy makers.

How long have you been active?

Mikael Cromsjö started