In an interview with Russel Brand, market and data analyst Edward Dowd, author of the book ”Cause of Death Unknown – The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths 2021-2022,” discusses COVID and the so-called vaccines.

In 2020, mostly older people died, but then the trend shifted, and young people started dying. In 2021, the excess mortality among young people in the USA was equivalent to the number of American soldiers who died in the Vietnam War, he says.

”That shouldn’t have happened,” continues Edward Dowd, pointing out that the excess mortality still hasn’t received any official explanation.

In the UK, excess mortality decreased during COVID, as children were largely unaffected by the virus. However, the figure increased again in 2021, and by 2023, excess mortality reached a new peak of 20 percent.

Edward Dowd believes that this is related to the COVID vaccine.

”And the children in the UK are one of my smoking guns,” he says. ”Their excess mortality was negative until November 2021. That’s when the vaccine program for that age group started, and then excess mortality began to increase, and now it’s at 20 percent. They didn’t die during COVID, then the vaccine came, and then their excess mortality began to increase.”

What has happened is so serious that the world will talk about it for a hundred years to come. The damage done is historic, he points out.

”Yes. We will talk about this not for ten years, but for a hundred years.”

”We will talk about this for a hundred years” – that’s how big the vaccine scandal is


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