I think that the question “what is a music?” belongs to the types of questions which does not have any exact or just one right answer. It is like to ask – what is a consciousness? what is the meaning for the life? is it the truth that the universe is endless? At my opinion, this question is not scientific. But I don´t think that it is even very philosophical question, because I do not think that even the composer can give only one and exact definition to the music as a concept or form. But to believe that philosophers can make the ontology of music without musical education, discover the secret of the subject which they never worked with – would be also very strange. Therefore, I may not be able to write anything more significant than an ordinary person without any musical education will be able to write. I can write only my personal opinion – what I think is a music and where from it comes to our world.

I think that music is a human’s environment because our world is filled with sounds, which we are listening to all our lives. I like simple sounds not less than a music and can spend hours and hours by listening to the sounds of the rain, or the sound of the surf, the howling of the wind, the twitter of birds, the dogs barking is also quite fun and it’s really nice to listen to the cat – its purring. I am listening simple sounds with a great pleasure – because they sound for me like a music. I like to listen the noise of foliage. I think that some sounds, which people could hear from the very beginning of self-awareness as a human – they seem incredibly beautiful, pleasant to perceive, fit just as well on the soul as the sounds of Verdi’s Rigoletto opera. This opera is beautiful from first to last note. I, who do not like music at all, was crying, when I was listening it for the first time. As if I were in the forest and was listening to the birds singing about the love. I do not know with what even more beautiful I can compare Verdi’s music and the singing of the artists of the Stockholm’s Opera. Yes, I think that birds singing is also some kind of music, it is a bird’s songs.

But listen to the sounds of modern cities environment – it is a hard rock. A person who writes such music will never be a guy living in the mountains or in a small village with clean air. No, all these heavy synthetic sounds are the sounds of the other living environment. Maybe those who have long lived in the rhythm of the city such music becomes the closest. And yet, as evidenced by changes in harmonies, the quality of melodies in music is about changes in living conditions, people’s environment. Unhealthy, inharmonious chords, while warmly received by the public – it’s like they were in the forest. They live in a stone jungle, they were born, grew up, aged in them – this illness of soul is familiar and therefore understandable and perceived as a native home. Young people listen to
the nuances of rattle and roar, the same stress goes on the nerves, the same adrenaline is produced, to which they have already become addicted, living in the fast pace of the big city.

I see very clear boundaries between the main musical types. I would describe them as more folk music and author music.

The folk music was improved by many people, we do not know the specific author of folk melodies. Folk music is a code of joy – it is such kind of melodies which comes from the heart and have meaning to help – help you to work, to relax, to sorrow about, to fight, to get married, it helps to every day need. When you hear the music of your own country you feel safe, it is a home music, which belongs to everything that you know from the birth. The interesting moment is that the folk music is very different in different regions of Earth. Probably it has some connection even with form of landscape or character of weather – because it is what to build the character of nation, which lives in that place.

The relations between folk music and the author music is similar relationships between the choir and solo singing. Just the one voice can express the feelings which everyone has, but probably makes it on different way. The folk music has very often form of songs or dances, while the author music can create not only dances and songs, but much more complicated form as symphony and opera. The folk music main lines can be very strong but simpler than authors music is more complicated. The same as in visual art, folk images are strong, but painting of an educated artist is more developed, because they have behind them all the art history and skills, which gives possibilities to create something new and better.

I think that music is a story made by sounds. Initially, music or rhythms acted as accompaniment or illustration. But with the advent of musical notation and the increasing complexity of the form of musical works, music began to appear as an independent story. Why am I using the word “story”? Because in a music, as in a book, if you heard the first notes of a work or read the first lines of a novel, then you do not know yet how it will end. A musical work, like a book, needs to be “read” in its entirety to be able to understand and appreciate it. A musical work like a book cannot be seen and felt right away, because the images that arise in the mind while listening to a musical work or reading a book – they go in a series, sometimes returning with that phrase, and sometimes never appearing again. Music as a book can be remembered and come back to listen and read your favorite pieces. Music for me is a story without words about the movements of the human soul. There are things that cannot be described with any words, which can only be expressed with sound. The more complex a person’s inner life, the richer her inner music.

Even after the music got an independent form of symphonies or some smaller forms it still have the same intention to bringing to the listener the authors personal feelings, putting us to the environment, of musicians thoughts, ideas and feelings. That why, while we are listening to music, we can suddenly come to the same understanding, probably not exactly to the same thoughts, but on the same level. The level of music, the quality of environment of our feelings and thoughts can be different, they can bring us up or put down.

But is it just only the melodies can sound for us as a music? Sometimes people say “it´s sounds like a music for my ears”, That means that music is some sounds that we personally like very much. Why we like it? Because it gives us association to something we like or can recognize – images or feelings. But images are also the way of expressing some stories, thoughts, or feelings, that why any music is feelings, written without words.

Music is the waves, in a specific harmonic sequence. And apparently just when this harmonic sequence coincides with that in which the world of nature lives, it is then that it becomes so well perceived by me. I am talking only of my individual feelings of music, without generalizing my feelings with other people and their thoughts about the music.

I think that it is also in the philosophical traditions to explain everything with general phrases without deep knowledge of the subject. If in antic time or middle centuries philosophers could guess about the world´s construction, then today it is just scientists with the very developed equipment can open for us the secrets of nature. The only thing, which scientists cannot explain – it is the source of inspiration. That why philosophies, gets own inspiration from this undiscovered area with the hope that this is the main door to the world of pure mind. When some philosophers trying to find some metaphysic in music creation and for that they are trying to fit some words definitions to categorizations system, then I see that they just do not believe that some people have so beautifully soul. They would sooner believe that this beauty came to the world from the universe, then all the musical achievements grows up on the ground of long traditions and education. I want to say that human’s culture with help of education gives birth to the new generations of musician, composer, help to develop the talented souls, which brings to the world new music.

To the question “what is a music?”, I would answer – I do not know. But if I will try to collect all what I wrote above to one sentence, it will be the following – The music is the waves, in a specific harmonic sequence, which without words telling us a story, by creating an environment, where the humans feelings, thoughts and ideas were taking a place.

What is music?


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