The posed question is hyper-interesting, especially against the backdrop of the hysterical debate about skin color and racism that is now raging in the Western world.

The human species, from an evolutionary perspective, is very young. Archaeologists largely agree that the species began to evolve in Africa about 200,000 to 300,000 years ago. Due to the strong UV radiation from the sun near the equator, these people developed dark skin, which protects against the harmful effects of UV rays. We light-skinned Scandinavians know how badly we can get sunburned when we go on sunny vacations to more southern regions, and how this habit leads to an increasing incidence of serious skin cancer. Freckled individuals with weak pigmentation have a harder time adapting to strong sunshine and are therefore more often affected. Light-skinned people thus have an evolutionary disadvantage when living in tropical climates.

However, the sun’s UV radiation doesn’t only have negative health effects; it’s also necessary for humans to produce the vital D-vitamin, which is actually a hormone, for the immune system. African indigenous peoples who live very lightly clothed under the tropical sun produce plenty of D-vitamin, reaching serum levels of 150 – 250 nmol/L. The conventional medical level for D-vitamin deficiency is at 25 nmol/L, so they have a reassuring reserve of this important hormone. The problem today is that even Africans are starting to spend more time indoors and wear denser clothing, which contributes to their D-vitamin levels dropping despite the southern latitudes.

Our dark-skinned ancestors in Africa began migrating northwards from Africa about 70,000 years ago. As these people moved further north, they were exposed to less of the sun’s UV radiation, and their D-vitamin levels in the blood dropped. This gradually impaired their immune system and made them more susceptible to infections. The evolutionary effect was that individuals with slightly lighter skin had better health and were the ones best adapted, and therefore passed their traits forward. Over the millennia, this led to light skin becoming an evolutionary advantage, making the people who settled in the northern hemisphere gradually become light-skinned. The USA is a shining example of this observation, where the health status and lifespan of the African-American population group are much lower than that of the white population.

From an evolutionary perspective, which should be obvious to medical science, the acknowledgement of the central importance of D-vitamin for human health is trivial. Yet, almost no leading representative of the conventional medical establishment draws this trivial conclusion. It is only alternative medicine practitioners who preach this, risking the loss of their medical licenses.

The situation is somewhat reminiscent of the Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis, who in the mid-19th century observed that the high mortality rate among women in childbirth fever at the time was due to delivering doctors not washing their hands. He was ostracized and scandalized by the medical practitioners of the time, just as we see how today’s conventional medicine behaves towards our time’s Semmelweis figures when they point out the importance of vitamins for our health. The treatment of hero doctor Annika Dahlqvist is a horrific example here.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of D-vitamin for human health in a very tangible way. A series of studies in recent months have shown a strong correlation between D-vitamin deficiency and severe COVID-19 illness. This vitamin deficiency turns out to be widespread among the groups most affected by COVID-19. These are elderly, over-medicated people who mostly stay indoors and are served poor-quality food, and dark-skinned immigrants.

Despite this, the conventional medical establishment does not lift a finger to urge people to take D-vitamin supplements. It is a medical scandal that WHO has not paid attention to this condition. The establishment’s debate about handwashing and respiratory protection becomes directly laughable in comparison.

You should all give some thought to why conventional medicine and the majority of doctors avoid mentioning the great importance of vitamins – like the plague.

Why do native Scandinavians have light skin?


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