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Big Pharma: Drug Them and Then Deny End-Of-Life Care

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Big Pharma: Drug Them and Then Deny End-Of-Life Care

A. M. Freyed
April 25, 2012Resized Image

“We need careful and controlled scientific studies showing the efficacy of these drugs so funding can continue.” Broader awareness of these sorts of end-of-life psychedelic studies could be good for everyone, the researchers say. “If insurance companies knew about our outcomes, they might get a lot more interested in what we’re doing here.” Griffiths continued: “When you make people less afraid to die, then they’re less likely to cling to life at a huge cost to society. After having such a transcendent experience, individuals with terminal illness often show a markedly reduced fear of dying and no longer feel the need to aggressively pursue every last medical intervention available. Instead they become more interested in the quality of their remaining life as well as the quality of their death.” – NYTimes magazine
photoExperimentation with LSD and other drugs are part of US intelligence and military history.

It has been revealed that magic mushrooms would be an effective way to treat people suffering from depression. It has an active chemical known as Psilocybin, which would play a significant role in treating key regions of the brain. The claim has come from two studies which have proved that the chemical is good for depression patients. The first study that got published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences involved 30 volunteers … MRI scans revealed that the drug helped to lower the activity that takes place in hub areas in brain and also helps to ease off the pressure on the other connected parts of the brain. The second study that has to appear in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that magic mushrooms helped people to revive their old happy memories. This led them to remain happy in the following days. – Top News

The global elites that control Big Pharma have a fascination not just with drugs but population control. Combining drugs and population control is a probable outcome of this extensive interest.

Easing death is probably just a prelude to generating it. Like laws themselves, these “trends” take on a life of their own over time.

What was once a treatment can easily become a pro-active application. Aggressively applied, drugs can not only treat death but provide causation.

This is no doubt part of the larger push toward government run health care. Once medical costs are shared throughout society, there is then justification to promote policies that “save the public money” … even when these policies are increasingly unethical.

Where are articles like the ones quoted here headed? Why toward a drug cocktail that will ease one out of this life with quick and painless efficacy.

And why stop there? If drugs can ease death while accelerating its imminence, it is only logical that the infirm, the crippled, the mentally challenged – all such individuals shall perhaps receive similar benefits.

If you go online, you’ll find numerous articles about how to treat both death and impeding depression via drugs – especially so-called psychedelic drugs.

This is likely just the beginning of a pernicious trend in which gradually drugs will be adjusted and cultivated for purposes of death therapy.

This is not just idle speculation either. Timothy Leary, who had extensive contacts with the CIA over the years, spent the last months of his life self medicating. We see this from Wikipedia:

In early 1995, Leary was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer … Leary authored an outline for a book called Design for Dying, which attempted to show people a new perspective of death and dying. Leary’s entourage (as mentioned above)—updated his website on a daily basis as a sort of proto-blog, noting his daily intake of various illicit and legal chemical substances, with a predilection for nitrous oxide, cigarettes, his trademark “Leary Biscuits” (a snack cracker with cheese and a small marijuana bud, briefly microwaved), and eventually heroin and morphine … Until the final weeks of his illness, Leary gave many interviews discussing his new philosophy of embracing death.

Leary, a ground-breaker when it came to psychedelic substances, thus continued his work even in old age. At 75, with cancer, he found new uses for drugs – not in treating end-of-life difficulties, but in ameliorating them.

The global elites that likely control the drug trade as well as the mainstream media are certainly laying the groundwork for the application of drugs to death. There are literally thousands of citations on the subject now on the Internet.

Like everything else in the modern age, therapies shall eventually be promoted that emerge will both dull the individual’s sense of fear over death and then usher him toward it.

Those who with the best intentions promote these sorts of therapies do not fully appreciate the way the larger elite command-and-control apparatus plays out.

Eugenics is a discipline that has been developed by elite families over the past 100 years. There is no evidence their fascination has lagged. Culling the human race remains a favorite theoretical and perhaps even practical pastime.

There is plenty of evidence for ongoing illicit experiments on human beings – the evidence merely hasn’t appeared yet but the pattern is clear. In the United States practices that have been considered unethical have often performed illegally.

Infection of people with STDs, exposure to biological and chemical weapons, radiation experiments and of course experimentation with LSD and other drugs are all part of US intelligence and military history.

The New York Times article sounds ground-breaking, and even inspiring in the way it is reported and written. But the evolution of these concepts may be a good deal grimmer and place the West in particular on the road toward state-approved eugenic selection.

Posted on: 2012/4/25 22:38
Citat: Prof. Antony C Sutton "Det var ingen frihet i Hitlers Tyskland, och det var ingen frihet under Marxismen, och inte heller kommer det att vara någon frihet under New World Order, om det låter som George Orwells 1984 så är det det!"

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