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Nostradamus om 9/11 - PeakOil kopplingen

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Let me point out only two Quatrains by NOSTRADAMUS:

(Centurie 1/87 )

"Like an earthquake, fire from the middle of the ground,
the new city and its surroundings are shaken .
Two big concrete blocks engaging in a long war.
Then, ARETHUSA is colorings a new river, red."

The new city is undisputedly New-York.
Twin towers are the 2 concrete blocks,
Engaging in a long war. We all know the war is still on and no end in sight. Arethusa, in the Greek myth, is a name of a nymph living on an Island, Syrakus
(Nostradamus saw and meant Manhattan, which is located on an Island )
Remarkably, and highlighting Nostradamus’ high intellegence in using ‘Arethusa,’ we know that Areth means Earth in Hebrew. The remaining letters are USA .(where the decisive ‘test’ in dealing with this event will take place, and upon which humankind’s future depends.)

The next quatrain further confirms the first one:

(Centurie VI / 97 )

“The sky will burn on the 45.Latitude.
The fire will be near the great new-city.
Sky high sudden flames shooting up,
In attempt to ‘test’ the Normans.”

The Normans are being tested. NOSTRADAMUS calls the Americans ‘ Normans’, as if he had known that a Norman of Greenland, Leif ERIKSON, had discovered the continent hundreds of years before Columbus.


“If world leaders (addressing all, as he would have known that in 450 years time there would be a body called the ‘United Nations ), make their wrong decisions, the ‘consequences’ will be devastating for us all.”

The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New-York, island of Manhattan, and the action taken by America to retaliate with force, destroying not only the wrong country , but also an 8000-year-old culture which is often called the cradle of civilization, was spiritually decisive.Which consequence will determine our future?
“And the new river being colored red” means the ‘bloodshed’ caused by this war will run for a long time.

Why was Nostradamus not more clear in his predictive quatrains? He explains the major reason for his mysterious phrasing in a letter to his son Cesar :

“I really did not want to write the documentations down concerning the future, mainly because of the insults I will earn. The present form of governing parties, religions will undergo tremendous changes in the future; literally they will turn around 180 degrees. Therefore those reigning authorities, if I would let them know what will take place in the future, which is not in agreement with their own ideas, would have been a reason to condemn and destroy my work, what is meant to be preserved as prophecy for the future generations. This is the reason ‘why’ I mystified the real sense of my quatrains.”
You see my son; the book of History I did not write to satisfy the curious, nor to frighten anyone. My real intention to write down the events of the future, was in the hope that “mankind could learn from their mistakes, before they being committed.”

These occurring events at present time are just a prelude to the whole stage play the world will witness. Instead of hearing a harmonious chorus of voices united from around the world, we hear the cry of injustice and endless suffering.

Have we once again missed our wakeup call?

What have we seen since the beginning of the new millennium, our “turning point?”

I leave the answer and judgment to the reader. Just remember this; the predictions of NOSTRADAMUS were never proven wrong over 450 years. If some are disagreeing, then you have to look more closely at the interpreters.

The increasing hardships of nature’s unpredictable forces, hitting us relentlessly -- is this the reaction of a loving God who we constantly implore to bless us?
But how can we expect blessings ,if we humans constantly act against His principles?
Particularly, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Which means 'respect your fellow man the same way as you expect to be respected. Regardless of their color, language, nationality, or indifference of religious opinions.'

How much longer will we choose to live in denial and to blind ourselves – 'who' is really in control ?

How can we change our destructive course?

Is Nostradamus telling us the direction in these next Quatrains?

(Century III/ 94)

“For a long time, my work was not understood, nor accepted, but rather ignored.
But in 500 years from my time on earth, in that new Millennium,
A great clarity will come about,
And through my Legacy, mankind's happiness will prevail.”

This quatrain predicts the coming knowledge humankind requires to fully understand the Prophet's work, and also reveals the path for humanity to lasting peace and happiness.

NOSTRADAMUS became even more specific in his next Quatrain:

(Century III/2)

"The divine word of Truth, will give mankind the opportunity
to understand the interconnectedness between heaven and earth.
Body, mind and spirit bear the ability,
a human being has everything under his feet to walk on, as he would be in heaven."

Our individual spiritual awareness, shown in practice, in deeds and actions, is required, as NOSTRADAMUS revealed in his Quatrains, to shape our individual and nation's destiny.
We have received a wake-up call for humanity.
The God-given law of ‘cause and effect’ is now in full force, in constant action, hitting mother Earth. It is the Creator’s sentence towards men through “Nature’s Forces,” his acting prosecutor, from which no one can escape.

If we, through our volition, universally change course, we will stir our planet and its inhabitants to a brighter place of peace and prosperity. This can only be achieved when we become fully aware that "WE" ourselves must guide our actions, involving our human-spirit, shown in good will and deeds to our fellow man. That noble conduct should be our obligation of gratitude to our Creator who allows us to be on this beautiful planet – our temporary home -- in the first place.

This would be the first step, and confirmed by NOSTRADAMUS’ next Quatrain so to understand its full content, predicting the "Golden 1000 years."

Posted on: 2006/5/12 15:26
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Re: Nostradamus om 9/11 - PeakOil kopplingen

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Nostradamus (Michel de Nostradame) var Stormästare i den judiska frimurarlogen Prieure´ de Sion.

Detta var logen som stod bakom tempelherreorden.

De s.k "profetiorna" var inget annat än kunskap om planerna.

Mao var han inte "synsk".

mvh eureka

Posted on: 2006/5/12 16:19
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Re: Nostradamus om 9/11 - PeakOil kopplingen

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eureka skrev:
Nostradamus (Michel de Nostradame) var Stormästare i den judiska frimurarlogen Prieure´ de Sion.

Den lista som pekar ut olika stormästare genom historien är dock redan avslöjad som ett verk av konstnärer som försökte hjälpa en vän att locka turister till ett slott i Frankrike. Därför medverkar flera konstnärer och kända dadaister på listan.

Detta har fått internationellt erkännande efter DaVinci Koden och har gjorts dokumentärfilm om. Kommer dock för ögonblicket inte ihåg vad filmen eller skaparen av listan hette.

Nostradamus verk har kunnat tolkas av människor i alla tider som passande på dagsaktuella event. Jag är dock fascinerad av dennes quantriner som ibland är lite för spöklika med att nämna Hitler som hilter o.s.v.

Eftersom dom är skrivna på vers på franska har översättare ibland översatt dom för att dom skall rimma inte för att dom skall läsas bokstavligt detta kan ha gjort att många ord och namn har fått en annan innebörd än syftat.

Jag kommer väl ihåg Åke Ohlmarks översättning om en quantrin som skulle förutspå TV'n.

Sublima kroppar skall bli ändlöst sedda
För ögats lins sig visa så
enbart yta osynligt ledda
Den helga bönens tal skall minska då

Man skall också komma ihåg att Nostradamus var astrolog så när han talar om kungar och regenter kan han ibland syfta på planeter med stort inflytande och liknande.

Posted on: 2006/5/12 17:05
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Re: Nostradamus om 9/11 - PeakOil kopplingen

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Här är de bästa Nostradamus tolkningarna jag känner till: (makes perfect sense)

Posted on: 2006/5/13 14:42
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