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Tor Funding Smoke Screen

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ust recently, there has been considerable interest concerning the origin of the Tor projects funding. Never really explored in depth, and dependent upon the information released by the Tor organization themselves; Tor's financial structure has always lacked clarity. PGPBOARD has always been of the opinion that examination an organizations tax returns provides a pretty good indication of income streams, and it was to this end we published Tor's 2008 and 2010 tax returns. The 2010 tax return and commentary can be found here: ... cb0b73dc1231f1d814c151ca2 . The US Government was responsible for 86% of Tor's funding in 2008, and 81% in 2010. See also: ... ckivists_aiding_iranians/

Tor's management (see: ... 983d55e339e26880e#p590%20) has been less than transparent in revealing just who funds Tor, and their individual contributions, whilst Tor's 2008 and 2010 tax returns are crystal clear in this respect. It's quite clear that Tor comprises the Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Google, EFF cryptorati, with crusty hacker Appelbaum thrown in to give these technocrat elites the necessary street cred amongst the hacker kids. It's the revolving door between NGOs, Corporate Universities, corporations and the USA government, with a dash of hacker underground to give the blandness a bit of a bite.

Andrew Lewman's presentation (attached) demonstrates the Tor projects total lack of transparency and misrepresentation in describing its funding base. Uncle Sam DOES own Tor, and NO organization can preach independence of thought and action when 81% of their funding is from just one source; namely the US Government.

Posted on: 2011/12/31 3:54
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