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The secret knowledge
Nu ska jag göra någonting jag själv hatar... Klippa och klistra engelsk text.
Håll till godo

Finns det intresse kan jag lägga in fortsättningen

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Now that I’ve settled down and cleared my head I realize that I have not been myself for quite a while. I have had quite a revelation. About a year ago I accompanied two other members of the psychic movement who were to run a procedure on a well know musician. The musician is a paying client to one of my companions that day, he uses him to contact his dead mother.

We were performing what the psychics call a "Keely" procedure on this man in order to turn his mind in favor of the movement and create another tentacle for their multi-headed serpent. The procedure is called a Keely in reference to the Keely Sphere, a mechanical device which supposedly moves thanks to sympathetic vibratory physics. In the case of the Keely Sphere musical vibrations move the sphere. The Keely procedure uses subliminal triggers embedded in music to cause a subject to become highly susceptible to suggestion. We are also able to implant specific attitudes in our subject using music.

An important component of the Keely procedure involves the inducement of the trance state. In composing the music used in the procedure, we structure it so it induces a trance state using rhythm. This is similar to chanting a mantra, or a shaman banging a drum. We still bang drums in modern music. What the movement has discovered is that modern electronically produced music induces trance states more efficiently than manually hitting the drum. This is because the trance state is caused by your brain reacting to the rhythm of the vibrations. The rhythm of the electronic drum is absolutely perfect, the human powered drum varies slightly. This phenomenon is the real driving force behind the rave movement. Most people assume the drugs are the fuel but the drugs are a side effect since the music attracts individuals who enjoy exploring altered states of consciousness. Not all ravers do drugs, the majority are attracted by the music and the symbolism involved. I must mention here that the altered state produced by electronica, or trance music is not the same type of trance used during a Keely procedure. The popular music of the rave culture actually stimulates a center of the brain that has been associated with alien, psychic and religious phenomenon. Dancing to the rhythm helps to encourage the onset of deep altered states.

Jimi Hendrix performed a successful experiment with the rhythm phenomenon during the 1960's. If you were a fan of Dick Cavett you remember Jimi Hendrix describing how we are all powered by electricity and made of vibrations and the electronic guitar sends waves of these electronic vibrations straight into your soul. He went on to say that by playing at a certain rhythm repeatedly for a certain length of time you can open a door in the mind and then slip something into it. He attempted to do so in one of his songs, if 6 was 9. The method used does succeed in inducing a significant feeling of "spirit". This is the true key to the success of Jimi Hendrix. The guitar was a tool for him to stimulate us spiritually. If you double the speed of the rhythm used in many of the Hendrix songs you will find it approximates the thythm of today's rave music. Todays electronic "trance" music uses a thythm of 125 bpm, the thythm of the fetal heartbeat. The effectiveness of any piece of music is based on whether it is able to induce a trance state of one type or another. A church hymn is specifically designed to stimulate a certain part of your brain. Modern science believes they have identified this area and refer to it as The God Spot. Research has been done that shows an increase in activity in The God Spot along with an increase in serotonin levels during the singing of church hymns. Serotonin is known to be the key player in the chemical cocktail that regulates your mood. Almost all drugs used in the treatment of depression like Prozac or Zoloft work by regulating or acting to cause an elevation in serotonin levels. Higher than normal serotonin levels have also been associated with religious experiences. So realize now that if a hymn can cause a real physical change of a positive nature there must also be negative physical and mental changes that can be caused by music of other types.

Another thing we use in a Keely procedure are strings of nonsense words. It may be hard to accept that a set of nonsense words could entrance someone because it sounds like a witch casting a spell. But it is very true and there is a very scientific explanation for it. Our mind is used to words being presented in a certain order, an order that makes sense. It is conditioned from years of communication with others through reading and speaking. The language center of our mind is an entity all it's own which is meant to be run a certain way. When someone begins talking or singing lyrics, the mind begins to put together the idea being conveyed. When the words are presented in an order that makes no sense the language center of the mind becomes very confused causing an altered state in which it is very vulnerable. The more unrelated the words are, the worse the effect becomes. When the proper series of words is developed and chanted or sung in rhythm you have a spell which can induce a dangerous altered state. This is what alarmed so many people about early rock and roll music. Phrases like Little Richard's "wop bop a lu bop" are nothing short of an invocation. The older people could feel the sensation of having their minds opened in an unfamiliar way and they could sense danger. In fact Little Richard claims today that he would become possessed by a demon and channel the songs he sang. Many other rock and roll performers like Ozzy Osbourne say the same thing. Jim Morrison used many potent nonsensical phrases in his music. He was another performer which represented something "beyond" the music. Just what he represented no one was sure, but it felt dark. People who chant spells experience a feeling of having their mind opened in such a way that something may jump into it. We use this technique in the Keely to make the subject more vulnerable to subliminal suggestions.

On the day of our meeting with the musician my understanding was that we would convince him to listen to our Keely tape using a walkman type device with headphones. The rhythm and nonsense methods are used repeatedly throughout the tape, while constant subliminal suggestions are implanted. The tape was about 5 minutes long, enough to produce an inescapable trance. A properly performed Keely procedure of that length can have terrible effects on the brain. If the subject encounters any situations afterwards which conflict with the newly implanted suggestions or attitudes they can become quite troubled. If a message of devotion to the movement is implanted and someone tries to remove the subject from the movement the subject can react quite violently. There is also the possibility that the subject can begin to react negatively to the suggestions, not accepting them if they conflict with deep religious beliefs or if the subject has mental scars. They may appear visibly irritated by the recording in that case.

Watching the subject I felt all was well. He tapped a pencil on his knee the entire time and appeared to be listening intently. I left that day feeling as though something especially devious had occurred. At the time I thought it was that I felt guilty because the musician had seemed to be a very nice person, completely unsuspecting. It made me see my associates as especially evil. Looking back I realize something especially devious did occur that day, but it was I who was unsuspecting.

Upon settling in to my new home last week I decided to get a cell phone rather than a land line in order to remain as anonymous as possible. My new phone has one of those hands free earpieces. Upon placing it into my ear I had a startling revelation, a memory returning from the day we met with the musician. I remembered turning to my associate as the musician removed his headphones and noticed that he had something small and clear in his ear. He reached up to remove it and as he did I said, "What's that?". He simply said, "Earpiece" and removed another from his other ear. I noticed that my other associate was doing the same thing. I thought to myself, "Earpiece". That's all I thought. I didn't question why he had an earpiece, or why he had to wear two of them. I also didn't question why my other associate also had "earpieces". I realized that I never questioned anything again. I had been entranced.

I realized that the entire time we had supposedly been running the procedure on the musician there was music playing over a speaker in the studio. My associates had been wearing small silicone earplugs and the musician was wearing the headphones. I had been entranced that day and have not been the same since.

In a sense I have been suffering from a state of psychosis for over a year. The suggestions implanted in my mind obviously had to do with blind obedience to the movement. Upon my decision to leave the movement I started to suffer various psychological and even physical problems such as indigestion and tremors. During the composition of the first documents I was struggling to figure out what made it so difficult to relay certain concepts and I now know it was insanity caused by this conflict. I feel my mind is now becoming free of the restrictions imposed on it by the procedure.

In some ways I regret releasing the first document in the condition I was in but I was in a difficult situation. It could be no other way. My intent on publishing it was self serving but I could not release it in the end without relaying some type of warning. Considering the significance of some of the topics discussed I now feel I did not do them justice in my confused state.

I feel it is my duty at this point to reveal everything I know about the psychics, their leader George and the future New World Church in the hope that it will enlighten some of you enough to save yourselves from falling prey to the movement. Please understand many details such as names, places and dates will be changed in order to protect the publisher of this material. The movement is famous for filing bogus lawsuits and will do so with any excuse. If someone were to stand up and say that I am describing them or their organization, they would basically be admitting guilt to the accusations. So we will treat the players in this drama as fictitious and that way nobody gets hurt.

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Re: Introduction

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Kan ju vara bra att slänga in lite styckeindelningar och radbryt så att det bli lättare att läsa?

Posted on: 2008/4/7 13:30
(The Key To Joy Is Disobediance
There Is No Guilt And There Is No Shame)
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The Psychics
In the first manuscript I revealed that the psychics are more organized than it seems. I want to elaborate a bit on the nature of their organization.

On the surface it seems to be just a group of charlatans trying to make a buck. The idea that they could be organized in any way sounds absurd. If anything they seem to be in competition with each other. They are performers competing for the top spot, the most air time on Larry King or the biggest headline. Recording artists compete for the top spot as well, but they share a common goal. The promotion of the music industry. The common goal of the psychics is the promotion of the mystic industry. To them the promotion of the New World Church is important because according to the philosophies of the church as relayed by their leader George, the psychics will be portrayed as prophets.

The psychics just hear profit. So the psychics are organized in the goal of promoting the church with the end goal of lining their pockets.

The psychics are also organized regarding their sources. Like recording artists, they still remake the old classics. Cold reading, vague predictions that are likely to occur and even magic tricks are still popular. But now they also have George, their leader and source of their best predictions. I shouldn’t give the impression that the psychics regard George as a spiritual leader who dishes out the information freely to empower them. He charges for it. And as in every other level of the psychic trade, each individual is hustled. One does not know what another has paid. Each one gets railroaded just like they do to their clients. Sometimes the secrets paid for are not even given. George decides who will succeed and who will fail. When you see a psychic fail miserably in an important stunt such as a live television appearance, it is usually because George does not like them. They most likely paid a lot of money for a very bad piece of information. The psychics continue to take the risk and work with George because the powerful predictions he provides to them can’t be duplicated in any other way.

There was a funny case of a well known magician who gained knowledge of George through an acquaintance who was a psychic. The magician was told of a prediction regarding the outcome of a major election in the coming months. The magician basically bet his life on the prediction, informing the producer of an upcoming television show he had booked an appearance with that he had placed an ad in a national newspaper predicting the outcome on the very day of the election. The prediction was correct and the show was an incredible success. Upon phoning his psychic friend to thank her he was surprised to find that she had made a very embarrassing appearance that day on a radio program. She had failed to predict the very same election. How did this happen? It turns out that George had sold her bad information. So why did the magician get it right? His friend the psychic lied to him, unknowingly giving him the correct prediction. Why? It’s the nature of the Charlton. They live to deceive. There is one other reason she may have lied to this particular friend. He’s a magician. Magicians and psychics don’t get along. To understand why we need to look back into history.

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Re: The Psychics

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Tack :)

Posted on: 2008/4/7 15:52
(The Key To Joy Is Disobediance
There Is No Guilt And There Is No Shame)
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The Magicians
As children we stand in front of our peers and imitate our superiors. Children imitate their teachers and their parents. It usually involves mocking the authority figure in some way. In other words, we don't often see a child imitating their teacher with the attitude of, I'm Mr. so and so, and I am quite a nice and capable teacher. Children are frightened by many things and feel suppressed. Mocking these things can make them feel they have some control over the situation. Theater began thousands of years ago as adults stood in front of their peers to imitate their intimidating superiors and make them feel better about the suppressive and frightening state of affairs they were in.

Modern magic started when someone stood up and tried to imitate god himself. The first magician was able to deceive his audience through the use of secret knowledge. I'm sure it got a very strong reaction, probably striking a feeling of fear and confusion into the audience. The first magicians realized that the ability to portray god gave them power over the audience, a power beyond that of any actor. These are the roots of magic as a performance art.

The concept of "The Secret Knowledge" is very important in our drama. Human beings have always searched for "The Secret Knowledge", or the answers to the mysteries of the universe. It is a universal quest to know what creates the magic that is all around us. This desire is the fuel of both religion and science. The secret knowledge of the magician is nothing more than sleight of hand and other gimmicks. The magician may use chemical reactions or other complex methods to produce his miracles but these are all things that are natural and of this earth. There is nothing supernatural about the methods. The first magician was able to create the illusion that he was in possession of supernatural powers by creating an elaborate lie which involved numerous levels of deception. He would appear to be doing one thing while he was actually doing something very different. He may have also used gimmicks the audience was unaware of. He may have used a secret assistant. This elaborate deception resulted in the audience believing that the magician was in possession of "The Secret Knowledge".

The performance of early magic evolved down two separate paths, to two separate ends. Some felt the audience should understand the magic was just trickery and there were others who would present themselves as supernatural or psychic, as if they were in possession of real powers. Today we call them the magicians and the psychics. Both use trickery including sleight of hand to deceive us but the psychic adds certain psychological twists which help to convince us that they are real. The tricks of the psychics are also carefully selected to withstand scrutiny, which greatly limits their repertoire when compared to the magicians. The difference in the performances and techniques used is demonstrated in the effect described in the included appendix.

Today many magicians hold the belief that it is their job to expose the techniques of the psychics and make people understand that there is no such thing as supernatural phenomenon. They accuse the psychics of deceiving people for their own bad and selfish intentions. There is more to it than just that.

Many magicians are secretly very concerned that the God they are imitating may be real. Remember that the origins of magic lie in the fear of god and supernatural forces. In the supernatural forces show, the psychics leave out the part of the act the magician enjoys most. The part where the audience knows it's just a trick. The psychic doesn't present the trick as a mockery, they want us to to believe supernatural forces exist. A magician will often say that what upsets them about psychics is the fact that they are trying to make people think they have real powers. What actually is upsetting the magician is the idea that the psychic has left open the option of believing in something beyond us.

The reality is that the magician is concerned that the psychic has left a door open. And as when a child imitates his father and the father walks in and catches the child, the magician is afraid that God might pop through the door the psychic has left open and catch him in the act. The magician wants to close that door. Ironically the magicians tends to picture themselves as the purveyors of wonderment. In reality they are the destroyers of dreams. And they are intent on stamping out any flame of spirituality we may have.

But it's not their fault. They have been brainwashed by a cult.

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The Cult of Skepticology
Somewhere along the path to becoming a performing magician you learn of a not so secret society called the Skepticologists. The Skepticologists portray themselves as an ultra-intelligent group consisting of scientists, magicians and MENSA members who are here to save the ignorant masses from the psychics, who wish to harm us by making us think there is such a thing as a force we can't understand. The credentials of the Skepticologist are important. They know everything. How can you doubt someone who knows both science and the secrets of the magicians?

Skepticology is a cult which attracts many magicians and was in fact founded by Harry Houdini.

Harry Houdini took the idea of exposing psychics from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and turned it into a performance art as he took it upon himself to expose every psychic he could find, under the guise of protecting the public from fraudulent mediums.

What we should not forget is that Houdini used the same techniques on other magicians of the time. He would actually perform an entire evening show that consisted of exposing the act of his competition, effectively putting him out of business. Houdini was the original masked magician.

So was Houdini putting the psychics out of business to help the masses? Or was it just that he couldn't stand competition? And so then what of the Skepticologists?

Ironically, once a year many of the Skepticologists and various other magicians take part in the Houdini seance in an attempt to contact Houdini on the date of his death, October 31st. Isn't this the type of nonsense they are hell bent on discouraging? Maybe Houdini will return to convince those in attendance it's just a magic trick.

The apparent goal of the magic Skepticologist seems to involve using magic to expose the secrets of the psychic scam artists who are trying to lighten our wallets.

Did you ever get a letter from Uri Geller trying to get your money? Me neither, but I've received plenty from the Skepticologists. They try to sell me mugs, pens and an absolutely endless list of publications. The publications are designed to prevent me from falling prey to folks who want to empty my pocketbook.

They do debunk psychics. But the greater aim of the cult is to squelch any belief you may have in ANYTHING supernatural. Including God. The cult boasts that armed with science and the secret knowledge of magic, they can disprove EVERYTHING of a supernatural nature. And that includes disproving the existence of God.

Using science to disprove the existence of God is their main agenda. The leader actually claims to have proven God does not exist, which attracts much attention. His proof seems to be that he makes fun of God and God has not yet struck him dead. But this man, who seems like a harmless nut has a hidden agenda even more dastardly than mocking God which we will discuss later.

The Skepticologists have managed to infiltrate our magic organizations and publications such a way that they really have become one. The Skepticologists know that magic attracts many young and impressionable people, some of which are already confused about religion or God. Anyone who has been involved in magic long enough will tell you that it does foster a belief in atheism. Being an atheist is a requirement to become a true Skepticologist.

It is almost impossible to be involved with magic at any level and not be exposed to the teachings of atheists. You will find their contributions in almost every magic book. Upon my first visits to the magic shops I felt I had stumbled upon the local church of the atheists.

The Amazing Kreskin has also stated in the past that the magicians believe God is dead and they've replaced him, and that you have to be an atheist to become a card carrying magician.

We know that magic also has a way of attracting many individuals who feel powerless or inferior in social situations. They find that possessing the secret knowledge gives them power. The Skepticologists have infiltrated our magic organizations and publications on every level and are lying in wait for these individuals. They have laid traps to play off their desire for more secret knowledge and draw them into the cult.

Over the years, Skepticology has managed to attract an army of magicians who parrot the teachings of Skepticology as if it were the words of Buddha. Each does the complete Skepticology song and dance routine, speaking like experts on the topic of cold reading. They describe how anyone can do it but you never see a Skepticologist demonstrate cold reading. They speak of their ability to duplicate the miracles of the Bible like the staff to snake but they can't do that one either. For a finale they reveal to all that God isn't real. What was the proof of that exactly? No matter.. brandishing their secret knowledge around gets attention and serves to attract even more followers.

When you join the cult you feel as if you've been deputized and can now cast judgment on anyone and anything purported to be supernatural in origin. You need no training to begin acting as the authority of everything. All you have to do is announce that you are a Skepticologist and that Science has proven that anyone who believes there is a giant man in the sky named God is a fool. Science is the God of the Skepticologist.

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The Truth About Science
Science seems to be very close to revealing the secret knowledge to us. Each day it seems to be just right around the corner. And according to the Skepticologists, science has disproved God.

Be careful before you put too much faith in science, it's not as reliable a source as it may seem.

Science is the group who taught us of an ancient species of giant reptiles called the dinosaurs. According to science the dinosaurs were here long before mammals like humans. Skepticology uses that as their strongest proof that creationism as described in the bible is a lie.

Just recently the very first petrified remains of a dinosaur heart were discovered. Much to the surprise of the scientists the heart was a four chambered heart. Four chambered hearts are only found in mammals. So the dinosaurs were warm, hair covered mammals who looked more like a rhino or an elephant than a giant lizard.

The discovery of the 4 chambered heart is a fact which you are encouraged to investigate online.

Scientists knew that their images of dinosaurs were somehow flawed. Cold blooded animals that size couldn't absorb enough heat energy to power the giant body. The ones that we did find frozen and intact in Siberia we called Wooly Mammoths, because they had hair and were giant mammals. So exactly why did science keep insisting all other dinosaurs were giant lizards?

Much of science is based on speculation and theory. Modern religion is based on documented historical records. Science attempts to look back and speculate, trying to fill in the blanks. Unfortunately when the human mind doesn't understand something it usually tend to come up with all sorts of crazy ideas. This phenomenon is what makes magic tricks so hard to figure out. Even though the answer is usually obvious, the mind takes off in the most fantastic directions possible. They do the same with our religious books, and when they can't understand something according to laws based on the speculative theories of science they announce with glee that science has proven religion false. Certainly our religious texts are not 100% accurate but know now that they are more accurate and trustworthy than modern science. The Skepticologists preach Science, which teaches us of giant ferocious lizards who roamed the earth long ago, battling each other. Some, like the Pterodactyl even fly and scream. Wait a second.. aren't those called dragons?

When I was younger I presented my father with the concept of the dinosaurs disproving the creation theory, which had been presented to me by television. He said to me, "For all we know God created this false evidence test our faith." At the time I considered that statement to be just another excuse made to cover up the many lies of the Bible. Looking back, this was my introduction to Skepticology. It was also the first time I doubted my father. I now see that he was absolutely correct, the evidence was flawed.

Today science can't even tell us how the pyramids were built. The pyramids were built by man, by mechanical means and today scientists still can't decide on one explanation. They have many and I assure you none of them are correct. This is presented as a mystery even today. The mystery lies in the moving of the giant blocks using just the tools available at that time. I will now explain to you in a few short sentences the mystery of the pyramids. By the end of the explanation I'm sure you will agree it is the correct explanation. The obviousness of the explanation and the failure of Science to realize it after so many years should be enough to convince you that Science is unable to see the truth.

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The Mystery of the Pyramids
When a human being looks back and tries to figure out how that was accomplished, again their mind is drawn first to the fantastic. Theories of alien helpers and secret technology abound, even though recorded history clearly states that it was a labor of man. The scientists offer us answers which, like the dinosaurs do not sound quite workable. Using water and sliding the blocks along mud is one popular explanation offered by science.

Rather than simply revealing this information to you, I would like to show you that you have the ability to realize it for yourself. As laypeople we only get to hear the conclusions of the scientists, we are not able to judge for ourselves from the evidence available. In fact we are not ever shown the actual evidence found in the tombs of the builders. Let us look at what evidence was available and draw our own conclusions.

During the looting of the tombs many valuable things were stolen while other worthless things were strewn about. One worthless seeming thing which was found in various places were sets of large crescent shaped wooden logs.

Resized Image

They were usually found in sets of 4 or 8. Each piece had two slots cut through it.

Since they were not shiny, valuable or in any other way fascinating they were tossed aside and forgotten. These simple crescent shaped pieces of wood are the secret to the mystery of the pyramids.

Each piece of wood is equal in length to either the height or the width of the big blocks used in the pyramids.

You begin by levering the block upwards just a bit using a long lever. Two men could do this with the proper lever.

Resized Image

Then two of the wood crescent shaped pieces are slipped under the block. One on each side of the lever, near the ends of the block.

Resized Image

Two crescents of the proper sizes are then added to each of the three remaining sides, and are fastened with rope through the slots mentioned earlier.

Resized Image

Viola! You have a round block which can be easily moved long distances by a small number of people, even up an incline. If the block is rolled up an incline the distribution of weight within the center makes it resistant to rolling backwards. It is levered over and over by the workers ½ turn at a time until it reaches it's destination.

Resized Image

This was also the invention of the wheel. Most Egyptologists still believe that the Egyptians had no access to the wheel.

The discovery of the wheel accounts for the wonder of the pyramids. Instead of alien helpers from above we can credit a few crescent shaped pieces of wood and good old human ingenuity.

Resized Image

You see how easy that is to figure out. Why can we see what science can not? Because science has been blinded by Skepticology.

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Skepticology's Secret Knowledge
Although the initial message of Skepticology appears to be anti-psychic it actually goes deeper than that. It also gets much more specific and frightening.

Skepticology is structured like most cults. What starts an innocent subscription to a magazine or publication eventually turns you into a mouthpiece for the organization. A victim of Skepticology will find themselves quoting false facts propagated by the Skepticologists like, "Moses turning a staff to snake from the bible is an old trick done with a snake that becomes stiff as a rod when you pinch it behind the head." In reality there is not and never has been a snake which becomes stiff as a rod when pinched behind the head. As I stated in the previous manuscript, that fact can be verified by any scientific or zoological encyclopedia. In fact Aaron, the man who actually performed the feat was a magician. But the book goes on to state that Aaron's snake ate the other two snakes. If anything the story is hard to believe and many might justly assume it was a trick of some sort, or just a story. But the bogus scientific explanation sounds plausible enough and members of the Skepticologists continue to quote and publish the lie as some kind of kick in the head to religiously minded people, with the same attitude as if they had just exposed a psychic charlatan. This is one of the most popular and oftquoted psalms of Skepticology. The message? We are smarter than you, and God is not real.

Do not think that all of this fuss is because I am worried that Skepticology will make you into an atheist. Becoming an atheist is a personal decision and of course atheists have as much right as anyone to start organizations. An atheist group isn't inherently dangerous, but a hate group is.

With Skepticology, what starts as magazines and coffee mugs eventually leads to something worse. And you'd have to be Sherlock Holmes himself to not fall into their trap.

If you've ever wondered how a cult can take someone's good intent and warp it into something devilish and insane, here is one of the methods they could use.

Let's say that the cult publishes a magazine for it's members. Here is where they can employ a clever mind trick to introduce you to concepts you would not otherwise accept as reasonable.

The magazine will be the thing that the cult puts most of their resources into and it should be a fairly high quality product. This is important for the mind trick to work.

Just as someone is more likely to trust a man who is wearing a suit, you will have a feeling of confidence in a well produced magazine.

While exploring the magazine you will notice many advertisements which lets you know that the magazine must have quite a large circulation, in order to attract so many paying advertisers. This instills a further feeling of confidence in the magazine, and the message it contains.

Because they appeal to your interests you are very likely to explore the web sites or other publications advertised. You also realize that any company that can afford to run a large ad in such a reputable magazine would be a somewhat successful company themselves. The ads seem like a good route to obtain more information regarding your special interests.

What if I told you that the group is well aware of these effects on the reader and they have placed their own ads in the magazine as if they were the ads of paying advertisers from outside sources? That is exactly what they do. The ads serve a greater purpose than just tricking you into thinking there are many more individuals involved in the group than there actually are, they are also deviously designed to bend your mind into a way of thinking so warped that they dare not mention it in the main publication for they would quickly be discovered for what they are.

The final concepts and "The secret knowledge" offered by the Skepticologists are as follows:

1. Religion is a hate group designed to suppress atheists and gays. Christians are the worst offenders.

2. The Christians are secretly working on an elaborate plan to convince us that the Holocaust never happened.

Skepticology cleverly disguises these messages to appear as they are revealing a conspiracy of hate. The promotion of these lies actually encourages hatred for other types of people, it doesn't prevent it. They are age old conspiracy theories revived by the leader of Skepticology to promote his own personal agenda. The leader has every right to believe in crazy conspiracy theories. He also has a right to push his own agenda and attempt to convince others to think as he does. But you have a right to know exactly what is going on.

Magic has become the victim of a cult which has laid a dangerous snare for our youth.

Magic today breeds atheism thanks to it's association with Skepticology whose ultimate goal is to convince us to choose sides in a hate war against an imagined enemy.

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The Identity of Their Leader
You may wonder who The troubled leader of the Skepticologists is. The leader of the Skepticologists is George. He is the same George who sells the predictions to the psychics. By playing both sides of the fence George is able to accomplish many things.

Remember that George sells the information to the psychics for large sums of money. That money is used to fund the publication of the destructive books of the cult of Skepticology. Keeping the psychics in business keeps the debunking business going, so George does very well. You see, George cares about neither side in the war. He is working so hard and playing both sides to fund his ultimate agenda, which is hate.

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The Government Skepticologists
The problem is not specific to the world of the magicians, the Skepticologists and the psychics. The problem is of a much greater scope.

Today there are many cults of Skepticology and many people like George in the world. They play both sides of the fence, doing whatever it takes to empty your wallet and push their agenda of hate.

As you now see, it is difficult to know the agenda of many of these cults until it is too late. These cults are ready to capitalize on something the world is finally realizing. That all religions, though different are amazingly alike. Many of us have felt for a long time that in some way we were all worshiping the same God. Now we have the proof. Actually the proof has always been there but like the pyramids, science has overlooked it.

The similarities of the religions are not just general, we are finding that they are amazingly specific. I am not going to attempt to convince you of this. You are probably already realizing it yourself.

Many other people are also discovering this fact for the first time and are enjoying a new understanding of the undeniable unity of all our belief systems. This is further boosting the interest in religion and spirituality as a whole.

People like George in our government also know that the idea of something like a universal religion will catch the attention of many during this period of spiritual awakening. They intend to present the idea of a one world religion as a solution to the many problems we apparently experience due to our difference in beliefs. This implies that we are not capable of practicing tolerance. Our government has decided that since we are incapable of practicing tolerance of other faiths we need to be led by THEM in their One World Religion. In fact the multi-cultural citizens of the United States relate to each other quite harmoniously when compared to the way these decision makers pal around with other countries.

We have been presented with the possibility of having to report our religious orientation on the next census. We are told this is being done simply to paint a clearer picture of our cultural diversity and to think that it will be used to profile people based on their faith is ludicrous. But every Muslim, Christian and Jew knows what they will feel the day they fill out the government's form. They will hope that they and their family will not find
themselves suffering because of their faith, the victim of a government who clearly does not understand tolerance. And they will wonder if maybe the wisest and safest thing to do is to just become a member of their one world religion, in order to avoid judgment. The government is setting this trap to scare us into disassociating with our traditions and our churches on our own and join their one world religion cult.

Their end goal regarding religion is to diffuse our increased spirituality and awareness by scrambling our current belief systems. Each of our current religions is like a bright and beautiful color that together constitute the rainbow of humanity and the light of a universal God. The trick of the Skepticologist is to make us think that mixing the colors will create a beautiful mosaic of religious harmony. The truth is that like paint, blending
all of the colors together will result in a drab and gray God which is no longer familiar to any of us. We are about to be torn apart under the guise of being brought together.

The government Skepticologists are becoming increasingly concerned that our ability to communicate directly with so many different kinds of people through the Internet has made us more resistant when it comes to supporting their wars. Basically, the concept of bombing foreigners in a far away country doesn't seem so reasonable if you have
some of those foreigners on your buddy list.

The Internet has given us the opportunity to befriend people of all types, from all around the world. In the world of the Internet we meet on equal ground. It is not your turf or theirs and no one is judged or stereotyped by their appearance. It affords us a great opportunity to get close to and learn from people we may otherwise fear. And it is at this, the highest point in our spiritual and social evolution that the government Skepticologists are set to perform the greatest deception in history.

By announcing the plan for the one world religion they will implant the message in the mind of the world that our differences are causing serious problems. And that our intolerance of others has become so dangerous that we must conform and unite in a one world religion controlled by them. This move will set our social evolution back thousands of years. We can not let this happen.

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The Formation of the New World Church
I have instructed the distributor of this document to oversee the creation of a New World Church online, in the name of the people. The church will be created to serve a dual purpose. It will draw attention to the dangers of a one world religion and it will also serve to catch those who are falling into the traps of the Skepticologist cults.

By the time you read this manuscript the formation of a New World Church in the name of the people will have already begun. I encourage you to join us in the spirit of the preservation of your own individual beliefs, symbolism and identity. Also to oppose anyone who thinks the diverse people of earth should be put in a blender and made generic.

People of all faiths are welcome and people of no faith are welcome. We don’t differentiate and quite frankly we don’t care to know. That is the whole point, that your spiritual beliefs are your own and no one has the right to insult them, to question them or to even know them. We live in an age where people are able to accept one another regardless of faith or race, regardless of the Skepticologist’s efforts to make us believe otherwise.

Join to show that you accept all people and just as you do not wish to change, you do not wish them to change. This is the message of our New World Church.

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Input Feedback
Nå? Ska jag publicera det sista?

Jag vill ha lite feedback först om ni tycker det är intressant.

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Re: Input Feedback

See User information
Du kan ju visa länken så man kan läsa den själv på originalsidan.

Posted on: 2008/4/7 18:18
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Re: Input Feedback
öööh? Det blir svårt hade det funnits online hade jag gjort länk direkt... detta har skickats till mig

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Re: Input Feedback

See User information
VAD heter författaren och titeln?

Posted on: 2008/4/7 18:25
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Re: Input Feedback
Titeln heter väl "The Secret Knowledge" då¨... Det är skickat till mig i en PDF bara... enda som står i de egenskaperna är the_secret_knowledge.p65, ingen författare eller nåt

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Re: The secret knowledge
Jag har postat hela den första PDF:en... Detta låg i min inkorg och PDF:en var dom ett attachment i ett mail från 2003. Jag kommer ihåg att jag fick fler mail om detta, men då måste jag leta på mina gamla slask-backupper
Därför jag frågar om det finns mer intresse... för att det innebär merjobb för mig.
Jag har gjort mig av med jättemycket av mitt material, men mina gamla mail finns lite som kan vara av intresse

Jag kan ju tillägga att inte längre är en registrerad domän. Men jag kan hitta en, fast det var inte så länken var i mitt mail och där hittar jag bara trams.

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Re: The secret knowledge

See User information
Släng upp pdf:en. Jag håller fortfarande på att jobba mig igenom texten, vet inte hur jag skall ställa mig till den än.

Posted on: 2008/4/7 23:39
(The Key To Joy Is Disobediance
There Is No Guilt And There Is No Shame)
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Re: The Psychics
bennybear: Försöker du gömma den här tråden med trams?

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Re: The secret knowledge
Ok... Det här var tydligen inte så intressant... Jag antar jag kan kasta övriga backupper då...

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Re: The secret knowledge

See User information
Säg inte det. Jag har bara inte haft tid att läsa artikeln. Posta på du.

Posted on: 2008/4/8 19:55
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Re: The secret knowledge
Ok... spar dom ett tag till...

Tick tack, tick tack

Jag kan ju tillägga att detta mail fick mig att se fasaden bakom dimman. Men den sista dimman försvann i och med vad en speciell person skrev.

Jag är vaken


Jag har kunskap...

Jag måste gå och kissa...

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