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Sassoon family ( Rothschild )

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The Sassoon family is a family of international renown, which originated in the Jewish community of Baghdad, said to have originally been descended from Ibn Shoshans, of Spain.

Sassoon ben Salih (1750 - 1830) was a banker to the vali (provincial governor) of Baghdad. His son David (1792 - 1864) fled from a new and unfriendly vali, going first to the Gulf port of Bushehr in 1828 and then to Bombay, India, in 1832, with his large family. In Bombay, he built the international business called David S. Sassoon, with the policy of staffing it with people brought from Baghdad. They filled the functions of the various branches of his business in India, Burma, Malay, and east Asia. In each branch, he maintained a rabbi. His wealth and munificence were proverbial, and his business extended to China - where Sassoon House (now the north wing of the Peace Hotel) on the Bund in Shanghai became a noted landmark - and then to England.

His eight sons also branched out into many directions. The Sassoon family was very heavily involved in the opium trade in China and India. Elias David (1820 - 1880), his son by his first wife, had been the first of the sons to go to China, in 1844. He later returned to Bombay, before leaving the firm to establish E. D. Sassoon in 1867, with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Another son, Albert Abdullah David Sassoon (1818 - 1896) took on the running of the firm on his father's death, and notably constructed the Sassoon Docks, the first wet dock built in western India. With two of his brothers he later became prominent in England and the family great friends of the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.

Of those who settled in England, Sir Edward Albert Sassoon (1856 - 1912), the son of Albert, married Aline Caroline de Rothschild, and was a Conservative member of Parliament from 1899 until his death. The seat was then inherited by his son Sir Philip Sassoon (1888 - 1939) from 1912 until his death. Sir Philip served in World War I as military secretary to Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig and, during the 1920s and 1930s, as Britain's undersecretary of state for air. The twentieth-century English poet, memoirist, and anti-war figure Siegfried Sassoon (1886 - 1967) was David's great-grandson. Another descendant of Sassoon David Sassoon is the British banker and government minister Sir James Sassoon.

The branch that carried on the ancestral tradition has been represented by Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon (1915 - 1985), who moved from Letchworth to London and then to Jerusalem in 1970. He was the son of the David Sassoon who collected Jewish books and manuscripts and who catalogued them in Ohel David, in two volumes. This David was the son of Flora Abraham, who had moved from India to England in 1901 and established a famous salon in her London home. Solomon Sassoon had one son, Isaac S.D. Sassoon, who is also a rabbi.
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1887: Opium trafficker in China, Edward Albert Sassoon, marries Aline Caroline de Rothschild, the grand-daughter of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild. Aline Caroline's father, Gustave, together with his brother, Alphonse, took over the Rothschild's french arm following their father Jacob's death.

Posted on: 2010/9/17 20:07
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Re: Sassoon family ( Rothschild )

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This family of Baghdad Jews is related by marriage to the Rothschilds. It represents the Rothschild power in India and China.

Sir P. A. Sassoon, Bart., married the daughter of Baron Gustave de Rothschild in 1887, and had two children, Sir Philip Sassoon and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Lady Sassoon was a member of the “Souls,” the notorious gang of which Balfour and Margot Tennant were members.

Leopold Rothschild married a Perugia, sister of Mrs. Arthur Sassoon.

As stated elsewhere, Sir Philip Sassoon was the bosom friend of the war-mongering politician Anthony Eden. Sir Philip was Field-Marshal Haig’s Private Secretary throughout the Great War; Private Secretary to Lloyd George at the Peace Conference; and was “British” representative at the League of Nations discussion in 1933 as to the possibilities of forming an International Air-Force. He was a constant associate of the Duke of Windsor when the latter was Prince of Wales.

King Edward VII. became familiar with the Sassoon family, setting the bad example to his grandson. He was a wedding-guest at the Rothschild-Sassoon marriage.

Posted on: 2010/9/20 12:06
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