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Vad har vi för ursäkt ?

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Images make up our lives and without them, we wouldn't exist. They are at the core of who we are and our way of life. We/MAN are the ones with the power to set images into motion, to give them life. If one of us decided that he/she wanted to have control over the rest of us, how could it be done? One method would be to get an army together, all willing to fall into the image of invade and conquer, and send them in to take control by force. But this becomes problematic as the people being invaded are likely to resist because they live for the image of their freedom and do not wish to be conquered. Another way would be to take over by stealth and manipulation through the non-sense images that we project to the people we wish to control. This is now the preferred option for slave masters. Saturation of these images through media and bill boards, through figures of influence repeating the mantras, collective identification and education of the children soon result in a world governed by the images of all those believing in them.

Remote viewing of non-sense images, remote control of non-sense images & remote projection of non-sense images is at the heart of the slave masters which we identify as the Freemasonic/Satanic world. Satanism is the practice of creating non-sense images and putting them into people's brains through remote projection so that they fall into the belief of those images and set them into motion, as in Little Mary now performing Alice in Wonderland, Billy performing Bob the Builder, Sally performing ABC, etc, etc,. We are all the victims of this through all the false images we are subjected to daily and we are so accustomed to having non-sense image after non-sense image put into our heads that we don't notice it happening and we think the images are just part of the normal sensory river of thoughts flowing through our natural brains; we don't know which are our unique/original thoughts and which come from somewhere else remotely. The black-magic warlocks and witches of Satanism are brilliant non-sense "story tellers' spinning powerful spells of deception, convincing us that their fairytale images are true and have power.

Non-sense images are "intellectual property", man-made images that we dance with as we create our non-sense lives in the non-sense world. The MAN, little Judy is a sensory image; we can touch, taste, feel, smell, hear, see, sense Judy while Alice, the character she performs in her play is non-sense; we can't touch, taste feel, smell. hear, see, sense, Alice. In her act under costume and title of Alice, we can always sense Judy, but never can we sense Alice no matter how hard Judy tries to convince us otherwise. Alice is a non-sense image.

Lost under the magic "spells" of a pre-programmed pantomime for all of us to perform within, we are dancing with the routine "slavery system" of Alice In Wonderland and look where this has got us. These non-sense images are without the power of Life, therefore are finite and are dead, meaning we have to perform for them otherwise they die, they fade away, which means that we are perpetually under the spell (the control) of another MAN who put them into our head; we have now lost our infinite uniqueness and given our power away because that is what the non-sense image tells us to do. How can dead finite images help infinite LIFE expand infinite LIFE? As puppets to the dead images of "The System", we can only create more dead system.

When we believe in money and that if we don't have money we won't be able to put a roof over our heads or put food on the table or even have freedom, the effect of this spell is so strong that millions of us have heart attacks because of it, or stress out over it or even commit suicide or go to war or steal, lie and cheat because of our belief in it. Everything of "The System" is based on money and we have been brought up with this current-cy flowing in and around everything of our lives in "The System" to the point where we cannot begin to imagine how to live without it, or at least, without some sort of "exchange" of value.

Intellectual property becomes the mirror that disconnects us from the sensory life form, the non-sense reflection that only appears in your head. Instead of co-creating with the sensory life form and expanding sensory life all around us that is nature, we fall into the mirror of the intellectual property to expand that, which means that we are disconnected from sensory life and creating non-sense images all around us, hence the dead world of fiction, "The System" of commerce, made up by geometry, mathematics and alphabet languages. When we fall into the images of non-sense and lose connection with sense, we become the harm doers creating the fires of hell that rage all around us. This is what makes us slaves.

Everything is created by us - we are prisoners of the images we have created, regardless of whether they were put into our heads by others, which is the case for most of us. This is why the whole of the dream of life is in our image, in the images we are setting into motion. The more collectively we project images, the greater the power. When we accept all the information of astrology and we set all that information into motion, we accept its power over us when all the time we are creating it with our power of life.

One image can contain a vast amount of information made up of many images. The image of Jesus carries a whole world of images with it. For a child to fall for the image of Alice in Wonderland, they have to already have an idea of the images that make up the image of Alice. For men and women to fall into the image of OPPT, they already have a whole background of images they are creating their system lives out of that the OPPT images "fit" with like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This is why the OPPT "just feels right", the "BEing and DOing" resonating with all the New Agers and the legal side appealing to the Freedom/Truthers. OPPT is part of the "oneness" enchantment that has been a developing mantra for many years. We get caught up in the "magic" just as we love to be enchanted by Hollywood or the football or whatever non-sense image we identify (id-entity-phi) with. The id-entity has an audience who id-entity-phi with it and pour their life energy into maintaining and supporting the id-entity.

Those falling under the spell of the OPPT are still so bound to the images of non-sense that they do not recognise that the OPPT is all non-sense, too. They think they are moving from the old system into a new "paradigm" or new "consciousness" when they are just moving from one version of 'The System" to another - they are still unable to see past the borders and barriers of system thought. They still id-entity-phi with the mantras of "The System" and do not notice them just being re-woven into a new "spell".

Id-entity-phi is the creation of a demon, the entity, the image of another MAN (we can imagine them too) reflecting as the mirror that is the demon/apparition we fall into and under its power. It is the power/gift of life we/MAN gave to set the demon into motion, into (i)-d-entity, thus becoming possessed by the manifestation of our own power. While we are lost in the demonic reflection of our own making we fall into the fantasy and illusion of our projection and begin acting as the illusion and fantasy, performing Alice or whatever character we create and identify with, as if it is true. And in this fallen state we are destroying everything and everything of sensory life, including our brothers and sisters and us!

The OPPT has been launched after decades of preparation with those who have woken up to the fact that the current version of "The System" of slavery is not giving us the lives we want having had our brains massaged with images of freedom, cosmic worlds, UFOs, Goddess worship, sovereignty, universal consciousness and $$$$$$$$. The OPPT is providing us with our "freedom" without us having to do anything except "DO and BE". Although of course if your idea of "DOing and BEing" is not considered to be of "value" under CVAC, then you should not expect to receive any "value" back. The OPPT has been debunked by many, despite the push of many with influence to sell it to us. It will never be the conduit of freedom it is promised to be because there is no freedom in a mirror, only choice. It has failed but we need to keep being vigilant of other non-sense packages in shiny wrapping said to be the gift of freedom.

Many of us are waking up to the fact that we want to go back to nature. We do not want a trust, a corporation or a government between us and nature and between MAN and MAN. We do not want to be Alice when we can be living MAN. We do not want a man-made system of ANY sort interfering with our lives. We do not want our heads to be filled with non-sense images that turn us into puppets for the puppeteers that benefit from our confusion. We do not want our lives or the lives of our brothers and sisters to be invaded by others telling us how to live with each other. We do not want commerce, barter or trade. We want to be free and unique and left alone to take full responsibility for our lives and the lives of those around us, living for Do No Harm, living our life as a gift for life. This is true freedom we are talking about, not the illusion of freedom given by myriad choices within a man-made system of commerce.

Instead of dancing with the images of hell, the dancer can get his/her inspiration from the images of sensory life all around him/her - the "routine" could come from the way the trees sway in the wind or the stream flows over the pebbles - this is the platform for true expression. Falling into the mirror and dancing with non-sense images is dancing with lies. We only create our freedom when we stop dancing with the lies and dance with nature once more.

Going on the Love For Life do no harm path we've been on since March 2005 has brought us immense volumes of inspired insights that are reaching millions of lives.

This came at the cost of elderly supporters in their late 70's being hog tied, hooded, bullet put through hip and tortured for some hours, 12 death threats, 4 assassination attempts, Fiona being kidnapped, up to 16 police, detectives, sheriffs, tow trucks coming to this home twice to steal family assets, threats, intimidation, harassment, abuse, etc, etc, many attempts to bring down the Love For Life website and we are only scratching the surface of what we have endured which included the stealing of the family home, the destruction of two businesses forcing us close to destitution and poverty caring for 4 young daughters. We never breached the peace, caused a crime or injured anyone. We employed many hundreds of staff over 19 years, turned over big money over the years, brought in up to 4k p/w income to end up having Arthur completely pull out of 'The System" from 2006 with mainly Fiona and others supporting Arthur to create the Love For Life work. Out of this came the dream of Do No Harm Communities/Kindoms. The force behind this harassment have learnt that we are not intimidated and that they will have to kill us to stop us.

The Love For Life work does not stop until we break the back of the Freemasonic/Satanic world and get rid of "The System" once and for all. Our focus is on really waking up our brothers/sisters of Life to see life as a gift, that Do No Harm (through feelings/thoughts/deeds) is all we need to live by. We do not want beliefs (non-sense) and we realise that we do not own anything, that we are custodians/caretakers of the dream of life. We live to create freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance, do no harm for all of life, no loss of uniqueness/originality for everyone and everything and no slaves and rulers in the lives of everyone around us so that we can have it too. This means we have to give up being self-centred in every way. Anything less than this leads us all back to gradual descent into "The System" of hell.

Out of this work comes the creation of a large tribe of MAN with the guts to get the first Kindom off the ground here in the Southern Highlands outside Sydney ASAP this year. We are doing this as a celebration while taking a large piece of land right out in the open for all to see. The force may throw everything at us but if this is not the moment to stand up and be free whatever the intimidation, when is?

We are planning to run workshops to help people learn what it's going to take to create our true freedom, what we have to do to release our addictions to the images of "The System" that make us do harm to our lives, to each other and to Earth. We have a growing home recording studio to produce music to get the message out and we plan to have festivals around this Kindom while the tribe informs the wider communities all around us who we are and what we are doing and why. There are no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons, no violence, no leaders and no followers, no religions, no philosophies, no politics, no cults or sects. We are not "alternative" and we are not a society, secret or not. We do not cook/process nature or kill animals or eat their proteins. We don't want the benefits of "The System" compromised by commerce and dictated by bureaucrat strangers. All we live for is do no harm and we live as a gift of life, serving others with our gifts as they serve us. We build each others homes and gardens, etc. We help our children reconnect with nature and who they really are.

This is a large full on focussed, disciplined team effort that will create the dream of Kindom without creating a Waco scenario. We take full responsibility for everything we think, feel and do. While we have to work together very closely to get the first Kindom off the ground, the goal is for every family/MAN to be responsible for a piece of land, up to a hectare, where they can grow their gardens and raise their families and pass that responsibility down through the generations of their families without interference from third parties telling them what to think, feel and do. The only guideline is to do no harm to nature and to the lives of those around them. Prime land is for all to enjoy and we make it a priority to restore land that has been devastated by agriculture, etc, back to being magnificent food forests, rather than moving onto land that is still pristine.

Until a Kindom is off the ground, no one is safe. In "The System" all are in-divide-u-all-s (individuals). As broken down in-divide-u-all-s, we are easy pickings, being picked off one by one without protection, without "COMMUNITY IMMUNITY". They can and will come after anyone and, unless we are united and fearless, using our senses, living in present-sense and focused with no back doors, it won't happen. We won't get our true freedom on land and we won't get the "community immunity" provided by a large tribe around us where we each live for the tribe as the tribe lives for us. We will remain slaves paying tithes to our slave masters. This is fact and is reality.

We must get a Kindom off the ground to establish a precedent and through example, help to spread them in the millions all across Earth.

Years ago, we had the choice to go back into "The System" to make big money and set up our family but this wasn't going to fix the problem of "The System". Over the years we have been flooded by tens of thousands of people, many families telling us of their terrible woes at the hands of the force of "The System". It is more horrific than most people could possibly comprehend. By getting a Kindom off the ground we not only break the back of the FORCE behind it but we start getting rid of ALL problems ailing MAN/Earth in one big hit. Read "The Steps Of Kindom":

There are thousands of us really waking up and the inspiration is arising for many to come together here from all across Earth to join in the celebration of returning to be MAN on land, free of "The System". The example we set gets the fence sitters down from the perches they have been sitting on for years while they wait for a saviour/miracle to occur. The OPPT was the first wave of attack of the attempt to bring in the New World Order. We must not let this happen.

We live to SMASH "The System" to smithereens. It is beyond evil.

Lets Return Back To The Garden

Welcome To Kindom
A Do No Harm Community
Of Conscious Co-Creators
Truly Free - No Beliefs - No Ownership
No Ones Sheep Nor Shepherd

Posted on: 2013/3/8 7:40
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