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HSLDA Asks for Help for Swedish Family

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2009-04-07 21:28
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The trials of Swedish parents Annie and Christer Johannson, bereft of their son Domenic for four years, represent the worst nightmare of any parentstate seizure of a child and then forced adoption

In 2009 Domenic was taken from his parents for the flimsiest of reasons under the most dramatic of circumstances. On June 26 police raided a Turkish airliner ready to take off, seizing the boy.

Although school was not in session when the seizure occurred, the parents had been in disagreement with local authorities over the issue of home education. However, when they went to court and disclosed their plans to emigrate, the court took note without any conditions. But, when the parents boarded the plane with the intention of moving back to the Annies homeland of India, authorities on the isolated and parochial island of Gotland asked Stockholm police to intervene and take the child. Although no warrant or court action authorized the seizure, officials have kept the couples only son for over four years.

For over two years the parents have had absolutely zero contact with their son.

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