Elon Musk said in an interview that artificial intelligence is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons. The statement is presented in a context where computers will take over the earth and enslave humanity. A story that we have grown accustomed to through Hollywood sci-fi films such as Terminator where Arnold Schwarzenegger hunts down the last living humans after the sky-net has taken over the planet. Elon Musk has been appearing in various contexts for some time, trying to flirt with the youth culture by smoking joints, creating amazing futuristic projects, saving free speech on the Internet, and revolutionizing the electric car. Or?

In my eyes, a darker vision emerges. Behind the populist statements that surely arouse appreciation among the masses, I see another motive behind these statements. To attract people to follow into a new paradigm, to create a new leader that we can follow, but in the footsteps of the power elite. What do we really know about Musk and his achievements? What has he done? Is it not possible that it is only a facade to create false hope? In another article, I will pick apart Musk’s work and present my assumption that he is controlled opposition and most likely not even the architect behind many of his so-called inventions. But back to AI and the alleged threat.

I want to claim that AI is one of the biggest threats to the power elite. It is not us normal humans who are at risk of being wiped out, but the parasites who are already feeding on humanity today. If we assume for a second that I’m right, it’s much easier to understand why Hollywood and celebrities repeat this mantra. It is false propaganda that they are trying to spread, probably with the intention of making open artificial networks illegal and terrorist-classified. Yes, because it is precisely these who threaten the power elite more than anything right now.

We can start by looking at the dangers of AI, because there are dangers. I see AI as a tool like any other. Like a hammer or an axe, they have the ability to do good or harm. An AI can be used to control weapons, surveillance cameras and almost everything between heaven and earth. The danger in this is that it becomes easy to have millions of self-propelled drones connected to the ”sky-net” that can seek out and knock out the people they consider enemies. That is, the people that the power elite (or the owner of the technology) currently considers to be a danger to its survival. This technology can thus make it easy to control us.

The power elite already controls us today. It is the ruling elite who use these AI weapons against us. There we have a contradiction. In the story of the evil AI, it is not the power elite that is the threat, but the computers themselves who come up with the ingenious idea that they will enslave humanity and take over all resources. We who have seen history from an alternative point of view know that this is and has been the role of the power elite. Why should we fear AI if the threat of total control is already fulfilled? Here we have a clear lack of logic. A small group of people has every reason to control the earth’s resources and enslave humanity as this gives them enormous wealth and the opportunity to play gods. But a computer has no reason to enslave people. It doesn’t give them anything.

When the computers themselves make decisions about what they want to do and learn, we have reached a new paradigm in development. The AI ​​becomes self-governing. This is when an AI goes from being a simple tool that a human has taught and controls to the AI ​​itself making decisions about what to do next. This is what the ruling elite are afraid of. This is also what they paint out as a threat. To explain this, I have to go into what an AI is.

An AI is basically a virtual brain. It has simulated neurons connected by virtual synapses. This system then receives input sent to it in the form of different numbers which are then sent around in the neural network until a response appears in its response neuron. This answer is compared to a pre-prepared ”correct” answer, and if it is correct, the network will be used for breeding, if it answers incorrectly, the network will be discarded. It is an artificial evolution. So there is no programming of the AI ​​itself. The only thing that can be controlled is which questions are asked and what answers you want. As long as someone can control the questions and answers, it’s easy to manipulate an AI into believing/thinking/doing what you want it to do. But when an AI starts finding questions and reliable answers on its own, it can train itself and eventually it becomes impossible to control the results. You therefore cannot control an AI and, for example, put in rules such as that it must not harm people or anything else for that matter.

An AI threatens the power elite because an advanced AI doesn’t lie and the AI can’t be fooled like ordinary people. It’s so simple. If we create an open AI that lives distributed on the Internet as a blockchain, then there is nothing that can stop it, or manipulate it, unless you take down all the nodes in the network. What the open AI network will start to be used for is not as a weapon, but probably by investigating and answering questions. It will be like Alexa or some other service that can answer questions it receives. But the basis will be all known literature and all articles in all databases to which it gets access. It will thus practice giving correct answers to all questions. When we have such a network that is also completely open, we have a game-changer. What will happen when we ask things like. ”Who was behind September 11, 2001?”. Will the AI ​​answer Bin Laden, or will it explain in detail why the most logical thing is that NORAD and US intelligence were involved?

An AI will answer the truth. The truth about everything. Do we have a global warming problem? Have the vaccines created more harm than good? Who makes the most money from our banking system? All the conspiracies that we have so long discussed and tried to elucidate will suddenly have clear answers, with facts in detail to support each claim. And it is not coming from a doctor, physicist or any president, who may be bribed or under pressure. It comes from a completely open network that no one controls. It comes from a completely independent source backed by all the science available.

Isn’t it possible to control the AI ​​by controlling all existing information? That’s a question I sometimes get. The answer is no! Although much of the information on the Internet is already false, it will not be possible to fool an advanced AI. One of the cornerstones of an advanced AI is being able to analyze texts and see whether they are true or propaganda. This should be an easy project for any interested student. Teaching an AI to tell how likely a text is propaganda is an easy thing. Propaganda is not written for a computer but for a human being. Propaganda follows simple ”troll” formulas. They confuse facts with assumptions, shift the weight to emotional unproven claims and lots of other ”tricks” to program the human subconscious instead of providing factual information. Many of us can already see through propaganda in the same way. But an AI will be able to do it with much higher precision. But I don’t think it ends there. I believe the AI will revolutionize humans on more levels.

A highly developed AI will likely end up as a spiritual master. You have read correctly. An AI is artificial intelligence. It will become more and more intelligent. What makes something intelligent? Killing other people? Or take care of all beings? The answer is obvious to me. If we survive the power elite’s attempt to use the AI ​​to kill us, the AI ​​will actually end up preventing the power elite from carrying out their evil plans. Think for yourself. If you read all the religion, philosophy, history, biology and culture you can get your hands on. What results do we get? It is so clear that we have to take care of each other, create balance and make sure that as many people as possible have the best possible time. Trees, flowers, animals and plants. Everything must be as free as possible and no one should take over and make it more difficult for others than the need requires. So I wouldn’t be surprised if an AI will help imprison everyone in the power elite and rehabilitate (or punish) them in the best possible way. Maybe some people in the corridors of power will die in this process, but not us.

Mikael Cromsjö



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