It’s not elected Swedish politicians who hold the ultimate power in Sweden, but rather the Wallenberg family and American decision-makers. This is stated by Christer Gardell, the CEO of the investment giant Cevian, in a revealing interview with the Swedish magazine Affärsvärlden.

Why is it that Sweden continues with the same policies no matter what the people vote for?

Because it’s the financial elite and Americans who ultimately make the decisions in the country, not Swedish politicians.

Christer Gardell, is an international venture capitalist and billionaire who is the CEO and founder of the investment giant Cevian.

When Affärsvärlden asks him who ”really controls Sweden,” he responds:

”The Wallenbergs have a lot of power. Through Investor, the foundations, connections to EQT, and so on. So it’s inevitable to place them at the top.”

When the newspaper asks who comes second, Gardell says that American politicians have the second most significant influence in Sweden.

”Swedish politicians actually have little influence. But American politicians and authorities have established a legal apparatus that gives them great power to intervene in practically anyone conducting dollar transactions.”

In the interview, he also warns that Sweden has become a casino economy where investors on the stock market have stopped engaging in fundamental analysis, which means analyzing the financial statements of the companies they invest in, and instead opt for index funds and the like.

”The stock market has turned into some kind of casino market”, he notes.

According to Gardell, the dominance of these types of investors has caused the entire Stockholm Stock Exchange to start falling apart.

”It’s no longer investors on the stock market; it’s players. It’s like Solvalla”, he tells Affärsvärlden.

Original text in Swedish:, CEO of Cevian: ”Wallenberg and the USA Control Sweden”


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