The so-called handling of the COVID pandemic was planned and decided at a high level. That’s what the former Chief Scientist at Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, claims.

What really happened during the spring of 2020 when the fear of COVID arose, and the world shut down?

”There aren’t many corners in this industry that I don’t have knowledge of,” says Michael Yeadon to CDH TV. ”When I saw my former colleagues say things that I knew were not true, and that I knew they knew were not true, the penny dropped for me.”

It was then, in early 2020, that he understood that something else was going on, something bigger behind the scenes.

”When I saw not just my country shutting down but dozens of other countries shutting down simultaneously, it proved, and still proves, an international operation. There’s no way it could have happened at a local, national level. Therefore, it must have happened at a higher level. Whether it was the WHO, World Economic Forum, or someone else, I don’t know. But this absolutely proves that we didn’t just get a virus and suddenly everyone panicked.”

”All of them took the same foolish, ineffective measures that were known not to work and were not in any country’s pandemic preparedness plans because I’ve read them all.”

Michael Yeadon further points out that people without symptoms do not spread such viruses. That was widely known. So why would you suddenly separate people? People who are sick mostly stay home voluntarily. He knew this ”measure” was a pure bluff.

But he goes even further in his harsh criticism.

”We are facing something much worse than an alleged virus,” he continues, mentioning that he spent 32 years in this industry. ”The harm to people from these so-called vaccines… I wish I could say it was accidental, but it wasn’t. I know and knew, and wrote it before they were emergency approved, that they were dangerous. I’m convinced, and I would swear on a Bible in front of a court and a judge, that these injections have been created to harm people, maim, and kill intentionally.”

Michael Yeadon: The COVID Fear was Planned


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