This movie, Resonance – Beings of frequency, is about the Earth, its radiation, the human impact from mobiles, wifi, mobile towers, etc. This affect, among other things the bees’ navigation system and therefore contributes massively to bee colony collapse disorder. This also applies to other insects, as well as migratory birds that also strongly affected by this.

The people will obviously also strongly affected, even if the effect takes time. For example. cancer cases around a cell tower in England people are documented in the movie.

This film – by James Russell – shows that we (the people), the animals and all living things on this planet is affected by the electromagnetic (EMG) waves are all around us and that cells use (DNA) when they communicate. The bees are dying due to the electromagnetic radiation, via cell towers, mobile, wireless, etc. affecting their ability to perceive the Earth’s magnetic radiation, which they have used for millions of years to find which direction they should fly. This is also true of other insects such as butterflies, but also larger animals such as birds that migrate for the winter. These animals are usually most disturbed by the low-intensity radiation, which is what they usually use and understand. Many animal groups and species have declined by more than 50% over the past decade. This is obviously very serious. This applies when the species is more sensitive and dependent on being able to perceive radiation (natural) correctly.

People will of course also obviously very affected, to stay near or around a cell tower gives a much increased risk of cancer in the long term. This has proved very specifically around several cell towers that many there have received cancer. There are examples in this film and there are examples of Barrie Trower, which among other things says that in the US around the schools that have cell towers so has the amount of leukemia increased very dramatically.
It usually takes around 10 years to develop cancer of different types and causes and cell phones all have, we have not had in more than 10 years as the effects of these we have not seen yet or only beginning to see now.

One problem is that almost all have mobile or still are affected by the radiation that still exist around them today. This means that there is almost no control group that one can test radiation on the due everyone is already more or less affected. So this is a problem in the scientific sense when it comes to testing the risks associated with this type of radiation.
Finally melatonin. This substance produced by the body during the night and it helps the body to heal and be built up during the night. Blue. so counteracts the cancer. The production of this substance is disturbed by cell phones and cell towers, etc. and makes the body unable to recover as it should. In women with breast cancer, it is not unusual that they have only 1/10 of melatonin as they normally should have. Even night work disrupts melatonin so I have been told (by the authorities) that this may be a contributing factor to cancer.
So – see the movie, get the facts, change the world.

Erik Moström

Resonance – Beings of frequency



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