From Freeman on the land av Robert Arthur från Menard-familjen kommer med en spännande lösning åt världen och mot den nya världsordningen. Han visar hur lagen inte gäller människan, utan bara för personer. Med kanadensiskt anarkistisk humor, öl och lite gräs. –

Rob Menard here with a short thank you for your interest in my Very Cunning Plan and in finding and providing remedy to the problems so many are starting to see.

From CODEX, the War on Terror, corporate control of government, inaccessible courts and justice system.

The Police are murdering unarmed and peaceful people. There is a growing degradation of human rights, expanding debt and burden, collapsing economy and poisons in our air and water.

Many people across the world are seeking remedy to what is arguably a coming police state.

Due to the power of the Internet people from all over the world can communicate concerns and co-ordinate their activities with precise coordination; and although it is true the people of the world are far behind the corporations who seek to control our resources as their own, and even seek to have us viewed as exploitable resources, there is reason for hope and cause for celebration…………. Why? Carry on reading.

England coming soon!

US coming soon!

NZ coming soon!

The World Freeman Society – Freeman on the Land

Robs Very Cunning Plan.

Recognizing that no one can come up with the remedy all on their own, RVCP involves inviting others to create a plan within certain very flexible parameters and with an eye towards a clearly defined goal.

After many years of study and analysis and efforts, I beli