From Freeman on the land av Robert Arthur från Menard-familjen kommer med en spännande lösning åt världen och mot den nya världsordningen. Han visar hur lagen inte gäller människan, utan bara för personer. Med kanadensiskt anarkistisk humor, öl och lite gräs. –

Rob Menard here with a short thank you for your interest in my Very Cunning Plan and in finding and providing remedy to the problems so many are starting to see.

From CODEX, the War on Terror, corporate control of government, inaccessible courts and justice system.

The Police are murdering unarmed and peaceful people. There is a growing degradation of human rights, expanding debt and burden, collapsing economy and poisons in our air and water.

Many people across the world are seeking remedy to what is arguably a coming police state.

Due to the power of the Internet people from all over the world can communicate concerns and co-ordinate their activities with precise coordination; and although it is true the people of the world are far behind the corporations who seek to control our resources as their own, and even seek to have us viewed as exploitable resources, there is reason for hope and cause for celebration…………. Why? Carry on reading.

England coming soon!

US coming soon!

NZ coming soon!

The World Freeman Society – Freeman on the Land

Robs Very Cunning Plan.

Recognizing that no one can come up with the remedy all on their own, RVCP involves inviting others to create a plan within certain very flexible parameters and with an eye towards a clearly defined goal.

After many years of study and analysis and efforts, I believe I see what is lacking and needed and how to establish and secure those things in a lawful, peaceful and positive manner.

This inclusive and loving plan can change the direction the world is headed and by providing hope and empowerment to individuals curb corporate power and bring immediate government accountability and lasting stability………

Robs very cunning plan continued………

The Plan is very simple and involves the creation of an actual society with the associated lawful courts and supporting peace officer force.

Using fundamentals of law and existing and established rights, we will create a society called The Freeman Society of Canada, establish The Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers, and convene new lawful de jure courts which will be accessible to all and not owned and operated by the law society.

The Society will provide members with a nameable group and also all the basic things that existing de facto governments do such as identification cards, international travel documents and consular support, health care access, banking services, education and housing support, functioning and accessible justice system and an accountable and restrained force to keep the peace.

With a goal of claiming and homesteading a valley and therein building a community of families living in unique, environmentally low-impact yet high tech equipped homes this mostly self sustaining community with all the amenities of any modern village we can demonstrate how easy it is to live in peace and abundance.

For the rest of the World, Freeman Societies are being formed and people are getting together. Each country will be able to emulate what we are doing here in Canada, with New Zealand, the UK and Australia already taking part.

We are entering the early phase of this plan, and as it unfolds this site will be updated.

As each country creates its Freeman Society, a new Chapter will be made and links to each Society will be made available. In the next few weeks this site will become larger with more up to date info on our developments.

A new Forum will be created here and hosted here so members globally can discuss ideas and share information. A real sense of community with no boundaries. Below are a few services and benefits members of The Freeman Society Canada and The World Freeman Society will enjoy.

Members will eventually enjoy all the following:


★Identification Cards – This will be the proof which rests on them.

★Notary Public- We will have our own Notary Publics to witness the NUI and COR process.

★Education – The Freeman Society of Canada (and their global counterparts) will provide educational and support services on line and through regular meetings.

★Laissez Passer – Just like a Passport, except for Freemen who are traveling without intent to engage in commerce in the host country.

★Support – A 1 800 number with recording and witness and legal support available 24/7

★Banking – Working with experts in the field, we will set up a bank and credit union for the safe and secure storage and use of individual wealth.

★Freeman Traveler and PACLIP – This is the Blue Plate Traveler with a system of identification using our own numbers and plates joined with PACLIP ”Private Automobile Collision Liability Insurance Program”

★Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers [C3PO] – We will be engaging our own Peace Officers drawn from our own members and from existing peace officers. (Each World Freeman Society will create their own if required)

★De Jure Courts – We will convene our own courts within which all are equal and charges may be confidently brought against existing courts and their agents and officers and within which the criminal code is enforced against them and disputes between us may be judicially settled.

★Freeman Valley – We will be claiming and seizing a valley within which those who desire can join a working and stable community.

This will act as an example for others in all commonwealth countries can emulate.

All of these will be established and created and run by the first 1000 members after they form into groups for those purposes.

Come back soon for some updates on The Freeman Society of Canada and The World Freeman Society.


If you have any questions, please be patient. We are setting up an international forum where all members of all societies can deliberate the subjects that are brought forward.


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