Former financier Ronald Bernard claims that the elite within the banking and financial world control the loyalty of sworn individuals in high positions by orchestrating serious child abuse, which is documented. The controllers create artificial loyalty with the motto roughly stating: Follow our policies and rules, or we will reveal what you’ve done!

The method is reminiscent of how controllable child soldiers are recruited. It’s not uncommon for them to be forced to execute their own parents in order to demoralize and break the children, getting them to kill on command. According to Ronald Bernard, the same methods occur within the financial world, but in this case, it’s children who lose their lives.

In this interview produced by Dutch De Vrije Media, he claims that children are sacrificed to build a stable power hierarchy of trusted men. The allegations made by Bernard are unimaginable to most mentally stable individuals, but an increasing number of witnesses worldwide are coming forward to describe these monstrous abuses.

Ronald Bernard worked in various sectors within the EU for more than 25 years, including the financial sector where he was involved in asset management. The first 22 minutes of the interview discuss Ronald Bernard’s experiences in the financial sector as an asset manager. Afterward, Bernard describes how he reached a turning point in his life, sharing his strong emotions as he tries to control them when discussing the child sacrifices.

Ronald Bernard claims that he was trained to become a psychopath
Initially, he had the opportunity to attend rituals with luxury prostitutes, naked women, alcohol, and parties. His superiors trusted him enough to allow him into these inner circles. They called themselves Luciferians, according to Ronald Bernard. He initially dismissed it all as nonsense but was eventually forced to realize that these individuals truly believed in what they were doing. Bernard claims that within these inner circles, he was trained to become a psychopath, but the manipulations failed.

Ronald Bernard on Serious Ritualized Child Abuse


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