”Nothing is impossible, except That the state of your mind makes it so”

– Prof. John R.R. Searl

We are duped. There are obvious solutions for the free energy and has been around a long time. Nikola Tesla knew this 100 years ago. That there is an infinite source of energy is logical given that we are part of a higher system that is not closed.

Why has this not reached out to the public? Why are we forced to pay for electricity? Because electricity is an instrument of power over people. Politics, electric companies, the media are part of this sphere of influence. Consciously or unconsciously.

Another important reason is that free energy proves that we are part of a greater system. There lies the greatest resistance. We, at least in the West, are against all logic indoctrinated to disbelieve.

Below some examples (of many). The first is about cold fusion, the so-called E-Cat machine, and seem quite complex. Increasingly accepted as a scientific fact. If it is based on the principle of ”Zero Point Energy” as magnetic motors I do not know. I suspect so. Whether breaking the mental framework. When t o m New Technology writes about e-cat, it’s a large (cross in the ceiling) step forward.